Life Lessons Learned from Working In Sales


From every job you work, you take away certain life lessons — some more valuable than others. Different experiences over time build character and help us become more well- rounded individuals. But you’ve probably noticed that successful salespeople are a breed all their own. It takes a certain type of personality to succeed in this field, and especially in door-to-door sales.

Never Give Up

One thing that the true salesperson learns early on in their sales career is to never give up — keep swinging, and eventually you’ll come out the winner. For example, some customers are so impressed with a door to door sales person’s persistence that they eventually purchase the product. This salesperson called, sent mail, and visited their house several times over the course of a year. Finally, they made a sale. This is a very important lesson for life outside of work of work as well. Whatever your goals are, stay focused, pursue your goals, and don’t give up.

Don’t Take it Personally

Every door-to-door salesperson faces rejection. It’s the name of the game. Success, then, depends on the way that the salesperson responds to rejection. Rejection is hard to deal with for some. Some people crumble, while others rise to the occasion. Those who learn to overcome rejection and move on will eventually succeed. The same is true for life outside of summer sales: relationships, auditions, publication, entrepreneurship, etc.

Looks Do Matter

Appearance matters. If you do not look like the person that you are representing, you will face rejection. For example, if you arrive at a job interview for an executive job looking dirty and disheveled, the recruiter will escort you out of the office. If you arrive at a door expounding on cheap home security while looking like a creepy burglar casing the joint, you’ll get the boot. Appearance matters in real life too. You always want to look your best, creating positive first impressions with the people you meet, and thus shaping your future.

Positive Attitude

People are attracted to other people who have a positive attitude. A salesperson with a negative attitude about their product — or even themselves — will not score any sales. It pays to keep a smile on your face, put a positive spin on what life puts in your path, and try to get along with unpleasant people as best as you can.

Good Conversation Wins

Every salesperson has a pitch that they throw at the potential customer, but the best salespeople know how to ensure that the pitch is received positively — by starting a conversation first. These conversations often start with a brief introduction, followed by questions about the other person. People love talking about themselves, and asking these questions helps them feel valued as an individual. In real life, you have to learn to communicate with people in order to build personal and professional relationships. Putting the focus on them is always to your best advantage.

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