LG G3 Design and Display: Best In The Smartphone Market


The 2014 was really great year for the LG in the smartphone market, its success is defined the by the success story of LG G3. LG configured this device with amazing set of specification, features and workable unique design. And this all led to the success of the phone.

As mentioned above, the LG G3 design is one of the best and appropriate designs of the smartphone. Let’s explore more, generally in the smartphones, at the bottom left below the screen is big space for the buttons but in LG G3, the space is little and it is quite logical, since there is no hardware buttons. Due to the narrow confines of the developers have managed, as is the case with the previous flagship, instead of a large screen area than usual with the body of this size at the limits of traditional width.

Above the screen is also quite narrow strip, so that all elements placed on it, literally lined up in one line: eye front camera, sensors, elongated earpiece grille, and there is another useful element – LED events. LED soft light with different colors, alerting on the status of charging and incoming events, its light is soft and unobtrusive. To adjust its objectives in the menu there is a separate section.

Both universal connector – Micro-USB and audio jack (3.5 mm) – located on one, the bottom end, you can see the hole between the main microphone. The distance between the elements enough to not worry if both plugs will be simultaneously connected to their position. It is gratifying that the Micro-USB here supports connecting external devices (OTG).

At the upper end of the space is unloaded, there are only eye infrared transmitter so opening of the second microphone for noise cancellation employee. The infrared port is, of course, first and foremost, to emulate the remote control – for this smartphone is preloaded program called Quick Remote.

There are no caps on the connectors of the smartphone, as the unit is not protected against water and dust. Fastening strap at the LG G3 also not provided. As for the color diversity of the new flagship, but this time the Koreans have gone further and painted body in several colors literally for every taste as metallic black, silky white, shining gold, moon purple, red Burgundy.

The display of the phone is worth mentioning, smartphone LG G3 has a touch matrix IPS. The screen size is 68 × 121 mm, the diagonal – 5.5 inches, resolution – 2560 × 1440 pixels. The display was extremely high resolution for a smartphone, called Quad HD. This option, as the density of pixels per inch, 538 ppi – hitherto unprecedented figure for a smartphone displays. Frame around the screen is quite thin: the developers claim that the display occupies 76% of the front surface of the smartphone.

The display brightness can be adjusted manually, or you can use the automatic adjustment. Multitouch technology here can handle up to 10 simultaneous touches. Just present your smartphone to your ear the screen is locked by a proximity sensor.

Everything works really smooth and flawless in LG G3 and we hope to see this premium touch in upcoming LG G5 as well.

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