Lenovo HW02 Smartband With Heart Rate Monitor

Lenovo HW02 Smartband With Heart Rate Monitor

Lenovo is a brand that is somewhat well-known for its series of low valued high spec’ed PCs in the marketplace. Though the company has started manufacturing additional devices too like the latest Smart Band. The new Lenovo HW02 Smart band is smart band that derives with a heartrate monitor plus translucent OLED display.

The Lenovo HW02 is a Bluetooth Smart Wrist Band and above a Health Monitoring band. The device has a 0.42″ OLED touch display, which is lively enough for good reflectiveness in daylight too. The display has a resolve of 40 x 72. The smart band has lower energy Bluetooth V4.0. It has a 60mAh Li-Po battery by a 5-10 day backup.

The highlight of Lenovo HW02 is the tremendously fast Heart Rate checking sensor and support for caller name plus caller id, which the competitor Xiaomi mi band 2 cannot do. It’s very power effective and measures precise live heart rate for you. The Smart band will show you warnings from Whatsapp and Messenger. Furthermore if you are on a bike plus a call comes in , just look at your Lenovo HW02 it will display the caller ID by phone number, also you get SMS notifications. The smart band is complete water proof moreover rated IP67.

There are many Health related features in Lenovo HW02 similar heart-rate monitor, step counter plus calorie counter. Moreover you can track your nap all with the assistance of a custom App both on Android plus iOS. Further you have an inactive reminder and you moreover get the signature Gesture to wake up on the display. The band of the HW02 is made up of silicone plus has a lenovo branding.

Lenovo HW02 Smart band is a complete smart band which is improved than Mi Band 2 as it can show caller ID while the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 merely displays phone number, it has alike touch button steering setup as in the Xiaomi Mi band 2. The Lenovo HW02 Smart Wristband could be daily driver as it has been for me for a pair of weeks now, plus I have to say it is a much required smart gadget which will certainly help you in some method or other With its IP67 water proof design, your health tracker bracelet could be used in any weather state. From now on, a slight bit of rain is no extended an excuse toward skip your upcoming running otherwise cycling sessions. Its 60mAh battery conveys along up to 9 days of incessant usage time. This means that you will be able to get over the longest plus most demanding of exercises without needing toward concern about battery life. To take the maximum out of this sports gadget even afterward your workouts, it moreover features a sleep monitor. Because of this feature, you could be assured that you’ll continually get the rest required in order to recover. This will motivate fast muscle growth plus recovery in order for you to extent your workout objectives in the most effective way possible. 

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