The cat’s eye gemstone has chatoyancy meaning one can see a clear line of light passing from the top to the bottom of the stone. The stone is clear in appearance. It has intense planetary energies and acts quite fast. Another name for this stone is Chrysoberyl.

Ruled by planet Ketu

This gemstone also known as vaidurya or lehsunia belongs to the south side of the moon. The planet is Ketu. The gemstone signifies the maternal grandfather and shows how religious the person is. While the positive placement in the horoscope will help one overcome the malefic effects of the Ketu, if the position is debilitating then the enemy planets such as the Sun, Jupiter, and Moon will produce malefic results. The cat’s eye stone price ranges from Rs 750 to Rs 12,999.

That said, the Lehsunia is the preferred gemstone of gamblers since it produces sudden and favourable results. Similarly, if one has lost wealth and wants to get it back, they must wear the Vaidurya gemstone.

Lehsunia Gemstone For Quick Wealth Get The Power Of 11 Face Rudraksha Bead

Improve spiritual power

It protects against the evil eye and helps people overcome the pain of reality of the experience in tough situations. Also, if one wears the lehsunia, they can overcome disinterest in food.
One can become more spiritual by this cat’s eye gemstone. Since, the vaidurya stone helps to build anything we have lost, people use it to cure cancer. One can recover from physical abuse and mental scars will be healed. The wearer of the lehsunia will not be affected by nameless fears. They will not hesitate to take positive steps for themselves.

Develop purity with 11 face rudraksha bead

The 11 face rudraksha bead is symbolic of Lord Hanuman ji. The ruling deity of this rudraksha bead is God Indra. It gives one good health.

Benefits of the bead

It helps one become fearless and gives control over the physical senses. The person develops better power of concentration. The people who have a spiritual inclination will become stronger in their devotion. One is relieved from the pain of rebirth.

Helps cure ailments such as elevated blood pressure, heart ailments, liver diseases, breast problems, stomach disorders, diabetes, and acidity. It helps augment the nerve energy.

People to wear this bead

This bead is recommended for practitioners of yoga and tantra. It helps build the leadership qualities and power of coordinated movement. It brings happiness and gives the wearer good oratory skill. Intelligence and self-confidence is apparent in the person.

One can get the 11 mukhi rudraksha price in India by going to the site of the supplier. It falls within the price range Rs 999 to Rs 4500. The higher priced beads are certified and come with return and replace policy. They are 21-22 mm in size.

Method to wear the bead

The mantra for wearing this bead is as follows:

Om Shree Rudray Namah

Om Hreem Hoom Namah

The best day to wear this Gyaraha Mukhi is Monday or Tuesday. It is ruled by all the planets. You must cap the bead in silver or gold and string it in a red thread.

You must wear the bead only after doing the purification and empowerment rites. One must not wear the bead during sex. Repeat the mantra 9 times every day in the morning and night when wearing and removing the bead.