The job of pilot is a well-respected in the community, and the pay is usually excellent. Not just anyone can become a pilot, though as it requires specific education. The education usually depends upon whether you want to become a commercial pilot or just want to fly as a pastime.

Rick Bucklew is a legendary commercial airline pilot and has been a part of the aviation industry for more than three decades. Apart from working as a commercial airline pilot, he has also worked as a flight school instructor. Even Mr. Bucklew has served as a flight engineer to make sure that the airplane is in correct functioning condition by testing the airplane for issues that may cause injury to the passengers. Mr. Bucklew has been working as a flight engineer on Boeing 727s and DC-10s. He completed his graduation from Central Missouri University, after which he received the degree in aviation flight technology. He has also studied statistical analysis at Villanova University.

Mr. Bucklew can read, write and speak Spanish, French, Mandarin and has skills in flights, aircraft, aviation, security clearance, airlines, CFI, type rating, multi-engine. Rick Bucklew has piloted Airbus A320s and A319s for one of the domain’s prime commercial airlines. At present, he is waiting for a school date to develop to thie greater Boeing 777s.

Functioning as a commercal airline pilot is a captivating and satisfying career, and a lot of people who undergo training in aviation aim ultimately to become the same. Listed below are some of the steps mentioned:

  • At first in order to become a pilot one would require a private pilot license. In order to receive this license one needs to complete the college degree course successfully.
  • Then, the nest most important thing is to look for a flight school and flight instructor to start working on your private pilot certificate.
  • Obtain medical certificate from a Federal Aviation Administration or FAA medical examiner.
  • Now after the private pilot license has been received earn the Commercial pilot license by clearing the school and logging flight hours of a minimum two hundred and fifty, with fixed time devoted to definite conditions and operations.
  • In addition, to turn out to be a commercial airline pilot, one will need a current medical certificate after examined by Medical Examiner of the aviation.
  • Moreover an instrument rating is also required to fly in hostile conditions.
  • A multi-engine rating is also required to fly aircrafts with manifold engines.
  • Get an airline transport pilot certificate, the top pilot certificate.

Besides this, in order to become a commercial pilot, the civilian or military airline training is also required. After this, the pilot necessitates more knowledge and logging hours. If the military path, one will probably be having quite a lot of flight experience before parting the military. A civilian pilot may work as a flight instructor, and then set off to a charter company in order to get the experience to become a commercial airline pilot like Rick Bucklew.