Voice over Internet Protocol technologies or VoIP continues to produce more cost-effective telecommunications solutions for small and medium scale enterprises. Surveys indicate that more than 40% of companies that have set-up or are planning to set-up VoIP system for their business are neglecting an important aspect- Security. These surveys also indicates that the owners of these firms have little or no knowledge of VoIP networks security threats.

Know Types Of VoIP Network Security Threats

Many have been lured by the cost-effectiveness of VoIP networks and the ways technology can impact their bottom line significantly. Failure to address this most important drawback to VoIP networks can cause serious implications to business in a long run. Therefore, it would be a wise disicision for business owners to learn about these security threats and address them all as early as possible.

Basically, VoIP communications network is a data-based system and like any other data network in existence, particularly local area networks and wide area networks, they are also suseptible to external and internal security threats. You can rely on penetration testing services which provides maximum security to your VoIP network. Following are some of the most potentially damaging and real threats to Voice over Internet Protocol  networks that business owners should be well aware of:

Denial of Service Attacks

It is also called DoS attacks, and this security threat can cripple VoIP phone lines of your company by creating prolonged busy signals and forcing disconnection of calls.

VoIP Eavesdropping

Cyber criminals or hackers can snoop and sniff on any ongoing Voice over Internet Protocol calls in your network from any point between your contacts and your system. M Any security agencies and FBI themselves can do their VoIP snooping into your network as easily as any of cyber criminals. Such intrusions can lead to many serious attacks on your system like DoSAttacks.

Vishing by VoIP

This is a new take on an old scam, phishing, with voice added. The intentions are same- cyber criminals or hackers trying to gain access to your financial or personal database and other important information for the purpose of gaining financial returns through various deceitful means. This is perpetrated along with another strategy named Caller ID Spoofing, making it pretty complex to track and identify these perpetrators.

Attacks against VoIP Service Providers

Cyber criminals or hackers also use illegal accounts and spoof caller IDs to attack service providers with fuzzing, flooding and spoofing attacks on their systems. Examples of such VoIP attacks include the use of multiple channels to generate more than 10,000 messages every second to flood the network of VoIP with traffic that is equal to 10 million users.

Protection of your VoIP network no only saves your money, but also saves reputation of your company. To save your VoIP network, you need a good network security auditing company. These companies have experienced professionals that ensure maximum security of your VoIP network.