The essential function of switchgear power system is to give protection to the overload fault currents and short circuits. It also provides uninterrupted service to the unaffected circuits. This helps to avoid the cases of electrical mishaps. This, in fact, isolates the circuits from various power supplies because of safety issues. There are many types of switchgear power systems that are used for various requirements.

Know The Types Of Distribution Switchgears

Types of Switchgear Power Systems

Switchgear power systems are available in varying kinds depending upon the required security, power, and location of the system. Hence, every type of switchgear is different from each other in respect of characteristics. The types of switchgear are-


GIS means gas insulated switchgear. This one is very effective. The conductors and contacts are insulated with pressurized sulfur hexafluoride gas. It is expensive than others.

Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker is an important aspect of the switchgear power system. It gives protection to the whole circuit and helps to maintain the safety of the circuit. These contain an important component that is called the circuit breaker. A circuit breaker generally interrupts current flow. In times of emergency, a circuit arc suppresses the contacts and disconnects them. A high voltage engineer needs to be very careful about designing to install and utilize it. Circuit breakers can be divided into four main categories like oil, vacuum, gas and air. The average speed of the current that circuit breakers can hamper is 30ms to 150ms. But this depends on the age of the circuit breaker, its design, and construction.

Categories of Switchgear Power Systems

Switchgear power systems can be broadly classified into almost 10 different categories. These are interrupting rating, insulation type, current rating, interrupting device, voltage class, operating method, types of current, its purpose and application. These can be again divided on the basis of voltage . The voltages can be low (that is less than 1000 volt AC), medium (that is 1000-35000volt AC) and high (that is more than 35000 volt AC). By using these classifications rightly the designers and engineers can make sure that proper equipment is utilized.

The classification of the power system is though important but it does not lay stress that only one type of the system can be used in a particular system. It is also important to keep in mind the specifications and ratings that must comply with the requirements and standards.

Therefore, we can conclude by saying that distribution switchgear is an important aspect that helps in the making the power stations, plants, and grids safe. Therefore engineers should take out their time to understand the system and work accordingly.

Last Word:  RPS Switchgear needs are very important and help to maintain safety where high voltage electric circuits are in use. They break the circuit easily disconnecting all the contacts so that no kind of mishaps arises from any kind of faults.

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