You must have read about lottery ticket wins and how it changes people’s lives. When you read about some of the success stories, the first thing that pops up in your mind is whether you should buy a lottery ticket yourself. Some people are not very comfortable with the idea of losing when it comes to lotteries and hence, they miss out on investing and thereby winning. It is all about one’s mindset and also how much effort and study goes behind lottery tickets.

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Here are some inspirational success stories that will inspire you to buy a lottery ticket yourself.

A Single Mother’s Struggles End with Lottery Win

Cynthia Stafford became a single mother when she adopted 5 of her brother’s children after his death. She became responsible for these children along with supporting her father. In 2007, she decided to buy a lottery ticket and genuinely hoped to end her struggles with a lottery win. She dreamed of winning a 700 plus crore lottery and ended up winning in reality. She used to buy lottery tickets a few times a month and picked numbers at random. With a stroke of luck, she won big time and was able to resolve all her financial worries.

Harikumar – Tea-Seller Turned Millionaire

Harikumar, a tea-seller from Bangalore, happened to win a lottery worth INR 6 crore. He had purchased a ticket from the Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery and was the lucky one to win it. His story is inspiring because he still continues to own the tea-stall and works there on a daily basis. He used the prize money to buy him a better house and get his children admitted to a good school. Despite being less educated himself, he has made the right choices as far as investing his prize money is concerned.

Giving Back to the Community

Pearlie Smith and her family happened to chance upon almost 4000 crores jackpots. They became an inspiration when they decided to use the windfall for the betterment of the society. They started a foundation in the family’s name in order to fund organizations that work for improvisation of the society. Some of the key aspects supported by this foundation include education, development of neighbourhood and overall supporting the youth as well as needy families in the community.

Lottery Win for the Underprivileged

Sheelah Ryan was the winner of almost 360 crores in lottery prize, one of the biggest individual lottery wins. She started her charitable trust to help the underprivileged and donated a major portion of her lottery win to this trust. She died of cancer but left behind a legacy of good work. Her trust is known to fund low-cost housing, children’s aid and even help for senior citizens. This is an inspiring story of how lottery prizes can be used for the overall good of society.

Splash Park with Lottery Prize

A lottery pool set up in John and Linda Kutey’s office happened to chance upon a win. It was a mega-million win and hence this couple decided to dedicate the prize money to their parents. They decided to use a portion of the lottery prize towards renovating a local park and helped to replace an old pool with a spray park. It has become a local attraction in their city and the taxpayers do not get charged for using or maintaining it. The entire installation was donated by Kutey couple. They had an after-tax win of only 131 crores, but they made sure to use it as much for the community as for themselves.

All these lottery success stories are truly inspirational for any person who is pondering over participating in the lottery games.