Over the past decade, Bangalore has established itself as the IT Hub of India. This has resulted in more professionals moving into Bangalore. In the meantime, several engineering colleges have been set up in the city to meet the rising demand. Here is a list of some of the top engineering colleges in Bangalore.

  1. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology

S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology was established in 1952. It is a private college and is located in the heart of Bangalore. Some of the programmes that M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology offers include Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch), Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Masters of Architecture (M. Arch) – Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech), and Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics Engineering).

The college has a friendly and educated staff who is ready to help even during the after-college hours. The companies that visit the institute for placement include international companies like Microsoft and Yahoo and Indian PSU’s like BHEL.

  1. PES Institute of Technology

PES Institute of Technology is over 40 years old and was established in 1972. The faculty of the college employs a myriad of teaching methods to impart knowledge to students and ensure that they understand everything.

Some of the courses that PESIT offers include Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering), Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology), Masters of Business Application (MBA), Masters of Computer Application (MCA), and Bachelor of Engineering.

The institute strives to make its students ethically strong and professionally superior in every field. As a result, activities conducted by the institute are for the benefit of the students. Along with academic excellence, PESIT also provides a nurturing environment and inculcates leadership qualities.

It has a unique educational system that not only helps students understand their field with depth, but it also develops their holistic skills that equip them for the professional world.

  1. JSS Academy of Technical Education

JSS Academy of Technical Education is an AICTE approved institution which is affiliated to the Visvesaraya Institute of Technology and was established in 1992. The institute provides access to innovative and outstanding research material and education related to engineering.

Some of the courses offered by JSS Academy of Technical Education include Master of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Engineering in the field of mechanics, electronics & communication, computer science, and Information Science.

The faculty is always available for any help even after the college hours.  Additionally, students study in an atmosphere where asking questions are encouraged, making them learn with interaction. The companies that visit for campus placements include Info Edge, Kronos, Wipro, TCS, etc.

  1. M. S. College of Engineering

BMS College of Engineering, established in 1946, was one of the first private sector initiatives in engineering education. Located in Bangalore, its campus is spread across an area of 15 acres and it offers 13 undergraduate and 16 postgraduate courses.

Some of the programmes that BMS College of Engineering offers include Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch), Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), Bachelor of Engineering (Biotechnology), Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering), and Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering).

The institute is constantly focused on providing better teaching methods to students. An exclusive training and placement cell is present to facilitate the placement of students. Some of the companies that visit BMS College include, Robert Bosch, Global Edge, Oracle, and Honeywell.