Accommodation cost is one of the biggest expenses most travellers face and reducing that cost can result in big savings. No matter what sort of accommodation you favour, one thing that is that is common for everyone is that they don’t wish to pay a huge chunk of money for it. In fact a great way to have a reasonable holiday is to cut down on the accommodation expenses. Since you just need a place to crash at night, reducing this expense can help you save a fortune.

Know How Travellers Can Find Accommodation For Cheap In India

Hospitality Exchange

One best way to get very reasonable accommodation is just by staying with someone that you know who stays where you are going. You can stay with a local who will offer you a place to crash, some local insights about the area and also company at times. You can find various websites to buy or rent property for travellers to India or any other country but similarly there are quite a few websites that can help you make the Hospitality exchange possible too like Couch surfing and Global Freeloaders.


Another great option for the budget travellers are hostels. The hostels usually have dormitory style rooms with all amenities shared. Most people consider hostels as a “young trend” and are not keen on staying at a dormitory. But, people do not realize that there are many hostels, which offer small rooms for singles and couples as well. Hostels are a great way to save big and the bigger the room gets, the cheaper the cost is. A room is usually shared with a lot of people so if you are travelling on a budget, try this.

Home Exchange

Home Exchange program is the new trend to get accommodation for quite cheap. This works well for the travellers who have a home of their own. These programs were available for a long time but they gained popularity only now due to word-of-mouth and good marketing on Internet. They are exactly what they sound; you just swap your homes with a family from a different country. It is certainly the cheapest way of accommodation.

Apart from this, you can also consider renting a house to save money that you can use to plan another holiday eventually. These are some of the ways by which you can find good accommodation for a very reasonable price.