In an industry with loads of players, you are going to have competition. In fact, you will need to take the fact that you are going to have rivalry no matter what. In these vast industries, how can you set your company up as a big player that stands out from the mass? In short, it comes down to thought management, diversity, and skill.

The economic condition of the world is wobbly and it may feel like your work is, as well. Whether you are already looking for a job or believe you may need to soon, there are stages you can take to make yourself more striking to possible employers.

Steve Sorensen UBS aims to build up a network that would assist organize the skill set necessary to gain a career-building benefit in some of the most competitive industries in business. This is why he has joined Undergraduate Business Society (UBS) at the University of California, Los Angeles. For more than three decades, UBS has provided a range of events to help the students develop the needed skills and networks in order to get acceptance in the areas like finance, investment banking, and management consulting. The main aim of UBS is to build a professional and personal network that starts at UCLA and lasts after graduation, to support the members of the organization in navigating via the several professional recruitment procedures.

Know About Steve Sorensen UBS: A Business Economics Student & A Member Of UBS

At present, Steve Sorensen UBS is taking the undergraduate degree in business economics. An adopted Angeleno, he basically comes from suburban Phoenix, and during school breaks, takes the trip back home to get used to with his origins. In his spare times, he likes to click photographs as this keeps his mind off school in idle time. His favorite photographic subject is The Sonoran Desert. He has vast interest in the following fields:

  • Business Economics
  • Networking
  • Photography
  • College Organizations

Steve has met several important individuals who have offered advice and guidance as counselors, expanding his intellectual prospects, and building up his professional network in expectation for the very competitive career market in the field of business.

Steve Sorensen UBS says that networking is an integral part of the business and is the only most influential marketing approach to speed up and sustain success for any organization or individual. He further states that in order to be a successful networker, individuals have to tap into their interpersonal skills. A large share of networking is making and nurturing relationships. Building networks depend on having understanding, knowledge and respect for others. In other words, there is a definite social protocol involved which can define your level of networking attainment.

Networking enables you and your business to sustain close relations with other organizations over long geographical distances. As Steve Sorensen dreams of becoming a successful businessman one day; he is learning vastly about the networking in order to get through in various industries which include finance, management consulting and investment banking.