Moving the shipments for short distances is playing a demanding role in Intermodal transfers. The thriving acceptance of the Intermodal Transportation has made the life of shippers peaceful. Once you are clear on the monetary consideration, analyze the services that your drayage service provider may offer you, to make sure that the service is meant for you.

Here are some tips that will help you in selecting the right Drayage service provider.

  • Research about on-time delivery history:  No business will grow if the service provider does not offer you on-time deliveries. Prefer a Drayage partner who meets your expectations. Check on the reliability of the driver and how professional is he in context to his job.This can help you in ensuring that your requirements will be met on time.
  • Search for the partners that values safety: Safety is the prime concern for every individual in this world. To make sure that your shipment is safe, ensure that the company is hiring drivers who are registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and have a valid transportation identification credentials and has no legal case history in the past.
  • Responsive action: You will never prefer getting service from a provider that is not responsible enough to handle pressure situations. Find a service provider that will answer your call at any time of the day, if you are facing issues in context to the delivery or mishandling of the shipment. It is important that you figure out the communication capability of your service provider if you want to have a smooth and normal functioning of your business.
  • Capability to complete the assigned consignments: What do you expect from the Drayage Service provider if you have assigned fifteen projects to him? All you want to ensure is that they are completed within the deadline that has been given to them.  Make sure that the Drayage service is capable of handling such situations.
  • Knowledge about the local network: Drayage services that can quickly navigate through the terminal traffic and gates are usually supposed to have quick turn times. It is always advisable that you choose a service provider who has a good knowledge of the procedures and formalities that have to be completed at the terminals so that it keeps your cargo moving.
  • Accurate billing: The most important aspect of judging and hiring a service provider is to know how good is he in handling accounts. The invoice should be accurate. There are some situations that are inevitable like the consignment was not delivered timely as it took a long time to cross the terminals. This issue should be reported at the same time when it was encountered rather than an hour later of waiting. A good Drayage partner will let you know the changes as soon as possible.  
  • Search for a well-informed motor carrier:  The Drayage partners who have been serving the drayage industry for a long time are experienced enough to spot the issues before they even happen.  He should be aware of the situations like bad weather, busy port or any issues that may cause hindrance in reaching the terminal. He can provide you with valuable inputs to save on costs while the ship is stranded due to bad weather.

As this service picks up speed, intermodal transfers will continue to explore new opportunities and challenges. It is the prime job of the shippers to keep track of the strategies and their execution for an efficient and cost- effective delivery of the services.