Today, a lot of businesses and startups are actively using short animation videos like the whiteboard to share their product’s values, ideas, and company’s mission and vision. It is a fast and interactive way to attract more people to your business and convert them into sales. It means that if you want to be visible, you have to utilize videos. However, if you want the most compelling and viral content for internet marketing, go for whiteboard animation video content.

Whiteboard animation is particularly interesting as a direct result of its capacity to hold the attention of your audience. For instance, viewers are more disposed to watch a whole 45 second whiteboard animation video than a meeting or PowerPoint presentation.

Whiteboard animation makes complex issues straightforward! These minute long videos are more powerful than a thousand word journals or articles which are probably not going to be read all through the end. The bottom-line? You have to turn towards animated videos if you haven’t. Whiteboard animation can give you the movement that you have to make your prospects intrigued and transform their browsing into actual sales. If you want a good whiteboard video for your personal or business site, you can get in touch with Spiel Animations, a London based animation and short-videos makers.

So, what are the key elements in making a good whiteboard animation video? Here are some helpful tips on how to make a good whiteboard video.

The lighting – Don’t utilize excessively light from the front so your speaker does not cast a shadow on the board. This may likewise bring about a glare from your whiteboard’s reflexive surface. Begin with a diminish room and utilize an extensive light confronting front with a diffuser to illuminate the speaker. Next, light the board. Abstain from throwing shadows on the whiteboard and control the lighting to discover approaches to take out undesirable shadows.

Your framing – Every whiteboard video online has two elaborate components: a secured camera unequivocally mounted on a tripod and encircling your whiteboard so that the edges of your whiteboard are undetectable and your gathering of people has the dream that your speaker is directly before a perpetual whiteboard. In a perfect world, your speaker must be seen from the midsection up with a great deal of space to move around on a level plane. Ensure there is sufficient space between the whiteboard and camera to accomplish ideal encircling.

Your audio – Instruct your speaker to talk just when he is confronting the camera and not when he is confronting the whiteboard. This will ensure you get steady sound from a mouthpiece connected to the camera if the speaker is exchanging forward and backward, from the focal point to the board and the other way around. For best outcomes, request that your speaker wear a lapel mike. In the event that your cam does not have mic input, utilize a moment recording gadget for sound at that point coordinate it with your video recording when you alter.