Natural Skin Care

Skin care is a tricky thing to match up to every skin type. Sometimes a certain brand of skin care is the best option for people. Or some people just cleanse in a certain way to make sure their skin is fresh and happy. It is a well known saying that your skin represents your state of health and well being. Even more people have a hard time using chemically enhanced products, and they find that instead using natural skin care is the best option for their skin’s needs. Herbs, fruit, milk and other odds and ends have ended up in natural skin care products. On such herb that has been on the forefront of natural skin care is the arnica herb.

The Herb Arnica

The herb arnica is a plant in the member of the sunflower family. It can be found in North America, Europe, the Artic and Eurasia. It goes by the names arnica, leopard’s bane, wolfsbane and mountain tobacco. Don’t expect this herb to deter “werewolves” anytime soon for you though.

Rather this herb is thought to help decrease inflammation of the skin, instead of decreasing the werewolf population in a certain area. It is full of skin soothing properties. The arnica herb has been used medicinally to treat inflamed skin, bruises, aches, pain, arthritis, swelling from sprains and varicose veins. The herb has made an appearance in numerous skin care ointments to help decrease inflammation and give the skin a boost of vitamins.

Never ever consume pure arnica herbs, as this can be poisonous. You should only take diluted arnica herbs that are present in skin care products, tablets or tincture bottles. Be sure to read the label on any product that you are taking and follow the exact instructions. With arnica containing products you should double check if a product is meant only for applying to your skin or if you can take it by mouth.

Skin Care Products with Arnica

Brands like Eminence skin care and Puritan’s Pride have created some skin care products containing arnica herbs. The purpose of the skin care from Eminence and Puritan’s Pride is namely to sooth problematic or tired skin. The products also gently moisturize the skin while it soothes. The natural skin care option of products containing arnica herbs is best suited for those with acne prone, firey, distempered and finely lined skin that needs a soothing and gentle moisture boost.