And then there’s the one about finding the perfect chair. If that’s your quest, all roads may lead you to a stressless chair.

Furniture is something we buy just enough of to make our homes livable, comfortable. We don’t run out and buy sofa after sofa, chair after chair. We only need a few quality pieces to last and last.

Maybe a big win has come into your life. A new job. A big promotion. Then suddenly you decide it’s time to invest in the right things. Something that will truly transform the way you live, the way you relax.

You know that new entertainment unit you’ve had your eye on? And of course, the perfect chair to go with it. A chair that lets you sit and relax. A chair that is warm and inviting. A chair that you never want to leave.

But what makes a chair that comfortable? Where do you look to find a chair that can give you all that and more? In order to find the best chair, it may be time to look at a stressless chair.

Joey and Chandler's Guide To The Best Stressless Chair

What does a Perfect Chair look Like?

Yep, we know finding the perfect chair can be a daunting task. Where do you look? After all, there is an ever-growing assortment of chairs and recliners that promise to be the greatest thing. They promise to be a great fit, offer lots of support, and last a long time.

Then you sit on it and, well, even after a few moments you know it won’t live up to your expectations. Sure, it might be comfortable. But even after a few moments, you can tell something’s not quite right.

You have to choose a chair based on its size. Whether you will be putting it in your home theater, or including it with other furniture in your family room, you have to have the physical space a chair requires. Because the best chair needs space for when you’re sitting up, and for when you pull back and recline it all the way. It has to fit your physical shape and provide comfort to every inch of your body. The better the fit in both aspects, the more comfortable you will be.

You have to consider longevity. Sure, you might be tempted to go with that less expensive model. But think for just a moment about the cost of it down the road. The wrong chair will sag in the wrong places. The wrong chair will wear out before its time. The wrong chair won’t invite you to stay in it all day long.

The right chair will last and last. Consider things like the woods and metals it’s made from, the upholstery it’s covered with. Each piece dictates how well it will wear. The way it’s constructed will determine how much comfort it provides today, next year, and even the next decade. Investing a little more now may cost a bit more, but the right comfort and support and quality years down the road will be well worth the cost.

You have to consider the style. You don’t want your father’s chair, the ugly recliner that always ends up in the corner, covered in throws, trying to be hidden from view. You want a chair that can take center stage. One that can look as great as it is comfortable. The idea of a bulky recliner can leave anyone shuddering, dreading the possibility of having to own it, harbor it in your living space for years to come.

So what’s a person to do?

What features do you have to have in a Chair?

Think for just a moment. Chances are you already have your perfect chair in mind. What does it look like? What color is it? How well does it blend with the rest of your furniture? How comfortable is it? See? You’re thinking about it, aren’t you?

Now you just have to find it.

And it may just come under the name of a stressless chair. Because a stressless chair is probably one of the most comfortable chairs you’ll ever sit in. It will undoubtedly be one of the most relaxing chairs you’ll ever own.

What makes Stressless chairs so special is the shape of the seat and back, both of which envelop you and give your body support in all the right places. It’s thick pillows are made of just the right foam and fibers to provide the ultimate comfort zones. The recliner is at just the right angle to provide the ultimate in relaxation.

Sounds great. But there’s more.

Stressless chairs are made from a unique, perforated foam that is molded directly over the frame, providing everything from proper support to good ventilation, all with a guarantee that the cushions will be long-lasting and forever comfortable.

Stressless chairs are made from a solid wood and steel frame, a two-step base that offers far smoother turning and stability than most other recliners or swivels chairs.

Stressless chairs offer a glide system that automatically adjusts to your body weight, no buttons to push or levers to pull. Making every time you sit in it a sumptuous experience.

So what is your idea of the perfect chair? What is your idea of creating the perfect space in your home?

If that means sitting for hours, watching your favorite television shows over and over again, it’s time to get prepared. Because there’s only one way to watch your favorite show. You know, the one about the chair …

Watch it in perfection. Especially when you have the perfect stressless chair right there in your home, for your enjoyment. Stop by Paul Schatz and experience the stressless chair today!