Dubai has emerged as the business hub of the Middle East. The improvement in Dubai’s economy is based on revenues which are generated from various resources like trade and oil. Trade is generating money which is comparatively less than Oil and gas which has become the main source of generating revenue, thus leading to increase in jobs in oil and gas sector every year. Dubai is a great hub for tourists generating job opportunities in hotel management and hospitality management industry. Dubai has more than 70 shopping complex, the city also has world’s largest shopping center offering various job opportunities in Dubai to the people who are not so educated.


Dubai’s economy is thriving at a very fast pace. There are sectors which are contributing towards the growth and improvement of the country’s economy and GDP. Following is the list

  • Great market for gold
  • Travel and tourism industry
  • Oil and gas jobs
  • Construction industry
  • Real estate jobs
  • Solar projects
  • IT jobs
  • HR jobs and many more.

The GDP is growing at a fast pace. We all know the very basic fact that, the more the gross domestic product the more is the rate of growth of an economy and the country has more job vacancies for job seekers.

 Why Choosing Dubai?

There are different reasons for choosing Dubai as working destination. Below is the list stating reasons:

  • You are going to enjoy an income which is tax-free hence enables you to save the extra amount
  • English is the widely spoken language in Dubai because of which foreigners don’t face any problem while communicating
  • Dubai is a place to explore, where you’ll find various tourist destination spot to visit
  • Expats are given free tickets to visit their country once in a year.

Educational Qualification Required for a Bright Career for Different Field

  1. For engineering jobs candidate must be a graduate holding a B.Tech degree in a relevant field for example for an electrical engineering degree in ECE or EEE would be perfect, for mechanical engineering jobs B.Tech in mechanical engineering
  2. For jobs in the oil and gas sector, work profile decides whether less educational qualification is required or more  for example labor’s educational qualification is very less whereas in the case of high profile jobs some position requires graduation while others require master’s degree
  3. Jobs in IT sector requires a degree in computer science or in IT whereas some profiles require masters in technology while rest requires MBA
  4. Teaching jobs require BA or BSc to get work offers in Dubai
  5. A bright career in gold jewelry making as Dubai is the hub of gold market
  6. HR jobs which require an MBA degree with HR as specialization

Out of all the field, we are aware of the fact Dubai’s most of the income resource is associated with oil and gas sector creating more job opportunities or job hiring in Dubai. Let’s briefly discuss

Bright Future in Oil and Gas Jobs in Dubai:

  1. Data entry agents
  2. Fuel oil trader
  3. Operation executive
  4. Process specialist
  5. Corporate safety and social security specialist
  6. Security supervisor
  7. Business development associate job
  8. Job design analyst
  9. Fire safety technician
  10. Fabrication engineer and many more.

How to Approach for Jobs?

There are different job portals which help candidates in getting a job of their choice. Some of the leading job portals are:

  • Bayt
  • Monstergulf
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn and many more.

You need to register for the job portal for free. Complete your profile by filling details like education, skills, and experience if any. After successfully completion of profile starts searching for jobs to get a dream job. Jobs can be searched on the basis of various factors like skills, education, and location.


For different sectors salary varies. For example

       Jobs                                                                        Salary per year
1.     Engineering jobs                                               204000
2.     Insurance                                                             198000
3.     Oil, gas and mining                                          348480
4.     Teaching                                                               176040


There are some more benefits associated with working in Dubai which one should consider while looking for jobs.

  1. The state offers plenty of opportunities
  2. The state offers attractive salary package to the expats with many other benefits like personal tax is not paid
  • Flexibility in working hours
  1. The city has world-class tourist destinations
  2. Safe city for living.

As there are many vacancies in the industry of oil and gas jobs, so a job seeker should start searching for jobs.

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