Jewellery Trends For 2016

Jewellery trends are ever-changing and to be on top of the hottest fashions you need to be always transforming your look. Although there are some jewellery items that are timeless and always in fashion, there are also cutting edge trends that are so in season at the moment. Here are some of the hottest designer jewellery trends for 2016:

Chokers Around the Neck

These types of chokers were cool in the 1990s and now they are back. They can be quite sexy, sometimes a little bit kinky and sometimes elegant and sophisticated depending on their style. There are many different chokers in fashion this year, from leather ones to gold ones to sparkling gemstones. Make sure that choker is the right size so that it sits perfectly on your neck but doesn’t squeeze.

Breastplate Necklaces

Wearing a big and powerful breastplate necklace reminiscent of an Egyptian pharaoh is one of the hot trends for 2016 and many of the biggest fashioned designers have brought out a range of great options. For example, check out the stylish breastplate necklaces from GiambattistaValli that resemble large birds or abstract motifs.

Single Earrings

Another hot trend for 2016 is the idea of wearing only one statement earring rather than two matching ones. These statement earrings are usually very large and attention getting, such as dangling stones, a huge feather or an abstract metallic design. They can be pieces of art and are like small sculptures that hang from your ear. It is a striking look and it is possible to incorporate it into your wardrobe in a stylish and elegant way.

Charm Bracelets

A cool jewellery trend this year is charm bracelets. There are many different charms and each bracelet owner puts together a bracelet that it one of a kind and reflects their unique interests and what is important to them. The charms can be silver, gold or made with gemstones and they can represent milestones in life, important people, hobbies or other aspects of someone’s personality. A highly meaningful, symbolic and personal style of jewellery, charm bracelets are not only beautiful but they bring a lot of joy to those who wear them. Start with a basic ChloBo Charm Bracelet and you can add charms over the years until you have a very special piece of jewellery.


There are a lot of pearls this season, as this timeless type of jewellery is making a comeback. Pearls are known in the past for being classy, but these days they are quite modern while still appearing elegant and sophisticated. Depending on the quality of the pearls they can be very affordable or incredibly expensive. For example, in the Jason Wu collection there are beautiful pearl rings and Isabel Marant features pearl earrings. Balenciaga’s models also wore pearl earrings this year, including ones place on the cartilage.

Multiple Rings on One Hand

One of the biggest trends for 2015 and carrying on into 2016 is the practice of wearing several rings on one hand. You can achieve this look by wearing several rings together, making sure that they complement each other by all having a certain type of aesthetic. Also, there are some jewellery pieces that are designed to be stacked together so that you can add to the effect that these pieces of jewellery have in general.


Watch out – crystals are going to be a huge statement trend in the jewellery world in 2016. They will be used in necklaces, bracelets and rings and they will often be kept in their rough, asymmetrical form in order to highlight their natural beauty. Many people believe that crystals have certain properties and powers, but other times they are simply chosen for their aesthetic appeal. No matter what you think, there’s no denying that they look very cool.


Chains have been a popular jewellery trend in 2015 and they will continue into 2016. There are many different variations that are possible for jewellery chains, depending on the size, shape and colour of the ovals. Chains will show up in a number of different types of jewellery, from palm bracelets to double chain earrings to chokers to belts and much more.

What do you think of these hot jewellery trends for 2016? Do you think you will be wearing any of them this year, or sticking to your favourite timeless and classic pieces?

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