Tornado season is here and one of the biggest things homeowners need to understand is there is a big difference between a tornado warning and watch. When hearing about a tornado warning, this means it’s time to take action. When homeowners hear about a tornado warning, this means it’s possible that one could be close by and the area is being closely monitored. With these things in mind, it’s time to look at emergency plans, assess supplies, and ensure your safe room is up to par. If a tornado occurs in your area, they grow quickly. Some begin the size of a small city and grow to cover larger ground.

If you’ve already experienced the impact of a tornado, you’re in an entirely different situation whereby you have to contact insurance providers, assess damage, and possibly contact FEMA due to other tornado damage.

What Does FEMA Do for Homeowners?

If you’ve experienced storm damage that destroys your home and the federal government declares that storm a disaster, then grants become available for that tornado damage. You can also obtain help from your primary insurance carrier for this tornado damage. Homeowners are using their primary insurance carriers to cover the storm damage and water damage first, then FEMA covers any additional costs associated with the tornado damage after that. FEMA isn’t meant to provide help as a primary resource for those needing to rebuild after being impacted by tornado damage or storm damage.

Your Insurance May Categorize Multiple Storms

When you’re saving up money for your deductibles, be aware that insurance companies are charging for deductibles for every storm that occurs. So, if you have storm damage or water damage from what you believe is one tornado or severe storm, the insurance company could be categorizing the event as multiple storms. Homeowners must know this reality because the costs of deductibles add up quickly.

There’s a Waiting Period for Flood and Damage

Do you have water damage in need of addressing? What many homeowners fail to realize is that there’s a 30-day waiting period to receive these funds. Another reality is that flood insurance must be purchased separately from homeowner’s insurance, or else this type of storm damage is not covered. When homeowners are altered about a storm coming to their area, they are unable to purchase flood insurance because it’s too late at that point.

Final Thoughts

When homeowners learn about a tornado watch or tornado warning, it’s essential that they take notice or take action immediately. In addition to preparing their home for the impending storm, they must also make financial preparations as well. Those who have already been impacted by a storm must contact their primary insurance carriers immediately to determine what their deductibles are, as well as to find out if the storm was declared a disaster by the federal government or not. If it was declared a disaster, then they can take the proper steps to see about receiving grants through the government and FEMA.

Home improvement projects are one of America’s favorite pasttimes, but storm season can turn homes and businesses inside out. Reset Restoration in Tulsa, Oklahoma wants everyone to be prepared and know the dangers.