ISM Ministers’ Network Conference With Pastor Chris – 30 April – 2nd May

ISM Ministers' Network Conference With Pastor Chris – 30 April – 2nd May

The 7th Edition ISM Ministers’ Network Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Dsc will be an amazing event to attend. At the end of the month in Johannesburg, South Africa, minister and leaders of faith will gather for this conference which will be featuring the inspiring Rev. Chris Oyakhilome.

This is going to be a great event that you will not want to miss. The opportunities to be open and connect with others in the spirit of learning and passion are endless. Here are four reasons Why You Should Attend this Conference:

To Grow in your Faith

This conference will let you be inspired by the provoking and extraordinary Rev. Chris Oyakhilome. His words and inspired interpretations of the gospel and teachings of Jesus will inspire you to dig deeper into your faith and grow in Christ. There is a reason that God is calling you to learn more and connect with others to help bring God’s message of peace and love to those around us. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome understands how important it is to strive to increase in the abundance God provides and be faithful to God’s promise to us.

To Network with Other Leaders of Faith

When you attend this conference you will have an outstanding opportunity to network with others who are serving the Lord and their communities. This conference will give you time to learn what amazing ways your fellow leaders are using the tools and resources God has provided to reach people with his message. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome will be speaking as to what amazing opportunities God gives when leaders come together to learn what is needed in the community and how we can work together to build and grow.

To Learn More About The Future of Leading with God’s Teachings

The future is unknown but with a God minded the vision of the future there are a strength, passion, and encouragement that we can provide to ourselves and our congregations. This event provides a time to look forward and see what we can accomplish in the coming years and how we can become sparks to light a fire of love and strength.

To Connect with Others Who will Help you Grow

God gives us wisdom and understanding and ISM conference will be an amazing way to learn from the wisdom of others. You will be able to open up to the love shared with your fellow believers. Leading sometimes means being vulnerable enough to listen to others with great compassion, empathy and the desire to connect to others who are on fire for God. Learning how to connect with other is a very important part of leading others in ministry and being able to hold the confidences of your congregation. There are times when it can seem difficult to grow community and connections within your church home and this conference will provide you a time to learn how important these connections are to build and nurture.

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