Is Your Website Tired and Outdated?

Nobody designs a website anticipating that it will go out of fashion; however, with the rapid development and advancement of technology, it can be all too easy to find yourself on the hard shoulder of the information superhighway.

Vintage doesn’t Work for Websites

We tend to revere anything old-fashioned that is prefixed by the word ‘vintage’, but as yet there is no market for vintage web design. With newer and smaller devices becoming the fashion, it is the hardware that drives the development of the software and any business that fails to recognise this fact runs the risk of being left behind.

Depending where you look you will find a plethora of advice online on keeping your website modern, fresh and exciting. According to Open Forum, the small business arm of American Express, one of the greatest giveaways that your site is ‘old hat’ is frequent use of keywords.

Keeping up to Date with the Algorithms

Google has changed the algorithms that govern its coveted rankings, with a plethora of keywords no longer the way to raise your website’s profile. Nowadays the path to the top of the search engine rankings is more complicated than simply shoehorning as many keywords into a page as you can possibly manage.

As far as Business 2 Community is concerned, failure to include responsive design in your site is the single worst sin you can commit. Once again, Google leads the way with algorithms that penalise websites that fail to display correctly on smartphone screens.

New developments mean that web developers and designers need to keep abreast of changes and pass on the information to their clients. As an example, visit ma-design – they offer web design in Cheltenham – who understand only too well that an outdated site leads to a drop in sales. Even if you are not in the market for Cheltenham web design, it is worth visiting their site to see their definition of an outdated website.

Clues that your site could do with a makeover include having to pinch and expand text on a smartphone screen and an inability to add or change content without a call to your web design team. If you have not updated your site in the past two or three years, then it almost certainly requires some urgent attention.

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