These days’ insulation systems are increasingly being installed for comfort during harsh weather conditions and to save on heating and cooling bills. In doing so, you also have the option of choosing eco-friendly recycled insulation materials.

Not everyone has the luxury of using heating and cooling systems all day with the energy prices so high, hence insulating could bring a drastic change in the comfort level of your homes.

When you look for insulation materials, it would be a wise idea to consider some form of eco-friendly material.

These days energy advocates encourage people to install eco-friendly insulation in new homes or while renovating. Older homes used fibreglass between floors and behind the walls for insulation purposes. Get rid of the pink and go green!

Isotherm Thermal Insulation

The main purpose of insulation products like isotherm is to reduce the amount of heat escaping from your home through the walls and the ceiling as well as reduce the heat radiating into your home. The term isotherm insulation is pretty self-explanatory; insulation with thermal properties. You should go for eco-friendly isotherm or Pink Aerolite as they both are great.

Is Your Insulation Eco-friendly?

What is Polyester Insulation?

The best eco-friendly insulation product on the market presently is polyester insulation. It is dust free which makes it ideal for people with asthma or any other allergies.

Why Use Polyester Insulation?

Isotherm polyester insulation is made from recycled plastic making it the most environmentally friendly insulation product on the market. After fibreglass, Isotherm insulation, it is the most widely used type of insulation.

Additionally, the polyester insulation can be recycled itself. It is ideal to be installed in areas where people will come in contact with it physically since it lacks all kinds of chemical additives or fibres that are released in the air and cause discomfort or allergic reactions.

Isotherm Insulation during the winter months without heating:

It is common knowledge that hot air rises. This hot air tries to escape your home during the winter as months. Insulation will act as a barrier between you home and the roof keeping the warm air trapped inside.

Another thing you can do is close curtains, windows and doors to reduce the amount of heat as much as possible.

When the sun is up, open up the curtains and let the sunlight come in. The Aerolite insulation will prevent this natural warmth from escaping into the cold roof and keep your home/office warm.

Isotherm insulation for the summer months with the use of air conditioners:

Isotherm insulation enables your cooling systems to work efficiently and prevents it from being overworked. It prevents the cold air from being absorbed by the hot air from the roof. This is advantageous in two ways; it retains the cold air from the air conditioning in the home/office and it allows the cooling systems to go easy on your pocket.