Is Your Company Ready for Any Emergency?

Emergencies can happen at any moment, and being prepared can help keep you and your employees safe at your business. Having a solid plan of action ready before an emergency happens will help everyone prepare better if a natural or manmade disaster occurs. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your company for an emergency.

Have an Emergency Kit

If your company already doesn’t have an emergency kit that’s stocked with the essential supplies, you should invest in one immediately. A standard emergency kit usually includes first aid supplies such as adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment and topical medicine for treating burns. You’ll also want to include a portable radio, mobile phone and flashlight with working batteries. Waterproof packaging should be used for your emergency kit to keep everything protected from water damage.

Plan an Evacuation Route

When an earthquake, a fire, or another major disaster occurs, you’ll want to make sure that everyone can get out of your building in an orderly fashion so that no one is put further in harm’s way. Not having a reliable evacuation route in place could also result in your business being fined. Everyone on your staff should know where the emergency exits are located. An evacuation warden can also be assigned to lead evacuations whenever necessary. It’s also a good idea to conduct practice evacuation drills regularly.

Know How to Shut Off Utilities

Gas, water and electricity can quickly become hazardous if they start to leak when an emergency occurs that affects the structure or other parts of your building. An electrician who performs electrical installation work can show you how to shut off certain electrical components safely. It’s also important to know where the control valves for your water and gas are located so that they can be turned off easily.

Keep Data Protected

Confidential employee and client information along with business financial details and other important data could become compromised if a disaster happens. Training your employees to store digital information on a company server instead of just a computer hard drive can be highly beneficial. Cloud storage, which allows you to store computer data remotely, can also be a safer option.

Taking the right steps to prepare your company for an emergency will help you navigate through any emergencies more efficiently. By having a detailed plan of action in place, you and your employees will be able to manage the situation better and keep yourselves out of harm’s way.

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