So, you are confused whom to hire for your business: an agency or a freelancer. Across the nation, the number of a freelancer has increased in large scale. Companies save money by investing in freelancers, and it lowers the risk for companies when seeking employees. Companies use a freelancer for a flexible means to add to the production for of their stuff. Sometimes it’s just difficult to handle work around family and sudden schedules, travel, and all the other work you need to do!

Is Your Business Considering Hiring A Web Agency or Freelancer? You NEED To Read This Article!

So, this still leaves us with the question, which option should you take: hire an agency or a freelancer? Let’s explore the following pros and cons below:

Pros for hiring a white label web agency


When you hire a white label web agency, a project manager will handle your project. The project manager will handle the team, he/she will keep track of the time and will provide you with constant feedback. It’s easier to talk with the project manager who maintains the team, rather than individually checking on each freelancer. This will give you more time for you to manage other important tasks. And, you don’t have worry about the freelancer disappearing without any notice. They can easily find a replacement when such situations happen.

Long-term work relationship

Finding the right white label web agency helps you to take on more projects in future. Since you already have a specialized team with the right set of skills, you will be more confident to accept projects in big scale.

They can cover all the bases of the project

Whether you need SEO services, software development, CMS management, graphic design, personal assistants, or all the above, the ideal white label web agency will be a one-stop-shop for all your freelancing needs. This saves you a ton of time in hiring, managing, quality assurance, and every other little task that goes with managing a task.

Cons of hiring an agency

It’s more expensive

Hiring individual freelancers cost much lower than hiring an agency, the rates are comparatively higher. As they must pay for office spaces, managers, and their employees. Those will to the total costs of hiring an agency.

So, you should hire an agency when you have a complex project and you need people with multiple skills, when you are tight on your deadline and when it’s difficult for you to maintain multiple freelancers all at once.

So, both the options have pros and cons. It all depends on the length of your project, type of your project and your budget.

Pros for hiring freelancer

Cost-effective rates

Individual freelancers have their own rates which are always reasonable. The cost is totally based on the type of tasks that you assign to them with no overhead.  They have no extra costs to consider when they set prices for the projects, but you may pay a little extra to get work turned around fast.

Specialized skills

It’s easier to get highly skilled freelancers. There are always freelancers available who are specialized in their particular field and they focus on it. You can ensure that the freelancer with the right talent handles your project rather than needing to invest to train someone.

You can hire more freelancers

If your projects need more skilled people, you can hire freelancers to fill the gap. This is perfect for creative and marketing projects where regular updating is not needed.

Involvement with the creative process

As you can directly communicate with your freelancer, you can easily be involved in the whole process. This will reduce the future problems and unsatisfying results that might have popped out later. If a freelancer has any types of confusions, he/she can easily ask you questions and you can clear it right away.

Cons of hiring a freelancer


As freelancers have flexible schedules. Their location is independent, and they can work anywhere around the world as long as they have a good internet connectivity. But, this can be a problem as well if you are not in a similar time zone with your freelancer. There might be times the freelancer will be unavailable when you might need him urgently.

Work overload

A single freelancer works for more than one client. Sometimes, the works and deadlines are too much for a single freelancer to handle. This can affect the performance of a freelancer. Your projects might be rushed through and it might not be properly done because the freelancer is just too exhausted. This means you won’t be satisfied with the end results.

Looking for a replacement can be difficult

One of the common nightmares of hiring a freelancer is that they might suddenly disappear. Although most of the freelancers are reliable, outside circumstances may cause them to just disappear. It can be difficult for you to hire a replacement all on a sudden since your previous freelancer has completed half of your project. It will be difficult for the new freelancer to continue it if proper documentation is not available.

Managing multiple freelancers can be tough

If you need people with different skills set, you will need multiple freelancers. Such as, in one of your project you might need a writer, developer, and a designer, then you need to hire three different people. Handling all 3 of them and all at a different time zone can be difficult.

So, based on the pros and cons as we have mentioned, it is best to hire a single freelancer when you have a small project, you can easily manage multiple freelancers.

It can be a difficult challenge to hire a different freelancer and collaborate them in a team. In such conditions, it’s better to hire an agency. It’s easy to get agencies based on specialized skills. There are agencies that work on digital projects, whereas other agencies focus on content marketing. Let’s explore the following pros and cons below for hiring an agency

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