Hardwood floors are an excellent and gorgeous feature in any home. They not only add a touch of warmth and luxury but can elevate the aesthetic of the entire room. Most good quality hardwood floors that have been installed by experienced professionals will last for the life of the house.

But like all other features in your home, your floors also need regular maintenance. They are under our feet and have to endure daily wear and tear, some areas, more than others. It also means they can begin to show signs of aging like minor surface cracks, dings, and dulling as well.

But that doesn’t mean your floors need replacement. These types of issues can easily be fixed with sanding hardwood floors. Sanding is always a part of hardwood floor refinishing, and these jobs are done at the same time.

Should Sanding Be a DIY Job?

Many property owners feel that they would be able to handle the sanding hardwood floors themselves. While it’s true that you can rent a sanding machine from a hardware store, and tackle the job yourself, that isn’t something you should do. The sanding job involves precision, and incorrect handling or technique will only cause depressions/divots in various areas of the flooring that will affect its look forever.

This is why it’s best to entrust this critical job to proven professionals. They will make sure that the sanding hardwood floors work and the subsequent refinishing is completed to industry standards. Since you will be spending time and money on getting this job done, it’s best to hire qualified and experienced technicians for the job.

Hardwood floors can take between 10 and 12 complete sanding & refinishing jobs during their lifetime.  But engineered wood flooring can be refinished just once or twice; this would depend on the hardwood veneer thickness.

Why Sanding Of Hardwood Floors Is Necessary

Here are many benefits of sanding hardwood floors, such as:

·       Scheduled sanding can make even an old and gritty floor look new again. If the floors look better, they also provide a better backdrop for all the features in the room.

·       When you get sanding of hardwood floors done, it significantly increased your property’s value. Prospective homebuyers like the idea of investing in homes with well-maintained and properly sanded hardwood floors.

·       Sanding reduces the chances of floors cracking or splintering. It means you and your family, as well as pets, would be able to walk over these floors without worrying about becoming injured.

·       Sanding evens out the floor surfaces, so they are level. It also helps to tighten loose nails, close up spaces between planks, and removes any wood splits. These things make the entire flooring more resilient, and they can withstand furniture weight and traffic better.

·       Finished floors collect less dust and require only a quick sweep and an occasional wet mopping to keep them free from debris and looking their best.

·       Well-sanded floors do not have any tiny crevices or cracks, and that reduces the likelihood of insects such as termites burrowing and breeding in them.

Hire Professionals For Sanding Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you must get them sanded at least once every 5-10 years. This process will help to beautify the appearance of the surfaces and maintain their condition as well.

But as mentioned, it’s also essential that you hire professionals for sanding hardwood floors. They will make sure that the best techniques and equipment are used in the work so you have a perfectly sanded and refinished floor that will be a pleasure to look at and use.