Is Meditation Really a State of Mindfulness?

Is Meditation Really a State of Mindfulness

Nowadays, Mindfulness has become a popular word. Individuals hear it within multiple contexts. And if you have volunteered to know more about it, you may have understood it seems to have something to do with meditation. It has been defined as ‘paying attention, on purpose, in the existing moment non-judgmentally.’ Mindfulness is actually a way of paying attention. But it is not paying attention to anything because somebody asked you to. Like your teacher in the classroom, when you were distracted or lost. It is paying attention deliberately, even without being asked. It is actually nothing other than awareness. Awareness is something individuals are all closely familiar with. Awareness comes naturally to one. More officially it is said to be the perception or explicit knowledge of any datum or situation.

마음수련 우명 실체 is the state of mind that arises by tenaciously paying attention to the present moment. On the other hand, one can say, mindfulness arises by paying attention to the Now moment.

Moreover, it may not be clear at the commencement, but when one talks about the cultivation of mindfulness, the inherent assumption is that one should train in such a way that one can maintain mindfulness for the longest imaginable period of time. The cultivation of mindfulness means bringing about the open-minded awareness and maintaining it all through the day or as much as you can.

As you can perceive, mindfulness is really a mind state. Is that a meditation? Well, when you meditate you are also working towards attaining a mind state, whereby your mind is controlled and calm rather than crackling with thoughts. In meditation, you constantly try to be in the mind state that you train to cultivate. When people meditate, they are essentially training their mind to be focused on one thing at a time rather than being lost in haphazard thoughts all the time. It turns out that this very attention training by concentrating on one thing at a time goes long ways to help nurture the mindfulness.

One knows that mindfulness arises through, training to be paying attention in the existent moment and not getting lost in remembering, planning or thinking. One can say mindfulness arises through focusing one’s mind on one thing, at a time, the present moment. Therefore, meditation leads to mindfulness for sure. That is the reason; people generally meditate to cultivate mindfulness. In this sense, being mindful is equivalent as being meditating to be in the contemporaneous moment

Some people are certainly good at paying attention to what is happening in the contemporaneous moment, even without any former meditation training. From this standpoint, it is a trait. Everyone possesses this trait in changeable degrees. But to take this trait in its complete extent, one needs to cultivate it through strict meditation.

As one can see, meditation leads to 마음수련 우명 실체 and mindfulness is a meditation in itself. One can also say that it is a mind state. It is also a trait that one certainly possesses in varying degrees.

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