Marijuana is a controlled substance in many parts of the globe. However, due to recent events and changes in legislation, weed or cannabis can now be legally purchased in Canada. Take note, however, that each Canadian territory imposes a specific set of rules and regulations on using and selling marijuana.

Before you purchase weed or a cannabis-infused product, it’s highly recommended to do a bit of research first. This way, you get to avoid trouble, regardless of if you use cannabis for therapeutic or recreational purposes.

A favourite of travelers

Canada is quite a popular destination of travelers who want to experience using cannabis. A few years ago, Amsterdam was the go-to spot for folks who wanted to try smoking weed. However, much has changed in Amsterdam. In the Netherlands alone, using marijuana is strictly prohibited. Some legislators in the Netherlands are pushing for the legalisation of cannabis. However, it might take a few years before the public can see the results. As for now, Canada remains as the best option for those who want to try marijuana and its derived products.

Canada is taking their Cannabis tourism quite seriously. They even host an annual summit for Canna- tourism. The government encourages companies to come up with products that contain cannabis. The summit is held for those companies as well as individuals interested in gaining insights into the marijuana industry. If you are over 19 years old, you can check out the next Canna-tourism summit in Canada.

Where to buy marijuana

There are plenty of places where you can purchase marijuana and cannabis infused products in Canada. You may opt to buy weed online in Canada or find a marijuana dispensary. Whichever option you pick, see to it that you consult with a professional first before you consume cannabis. Take note of the proper dosage to avoid possible adverse side effects. If you plan to buy products such as CBD gummies, vape juice and CBD oil, don’t hesitate to ask about the concentration level of cannabinoids.

Marijuana’s adverse effects

It’s crucial to take note of the ill side effects of marijuana. While some people enjoy a pleasant experience while smoking weed, others suffer from mild to severe panic or anxiety attacks. If taken in excessive amounts, you may also suffer from paranoia. They may not be ideal for patients diagnosed with mental disorders such as depression because of the hallucinatory effects of some cannabinoids. Marijuana can also inflame or irritate the lungs.

If it’s your first-time using weed or dope, you must proceed with caution. Although weed offers plenty of health benefits, it still pays to be wary of its side effects.

A lot of countries today are interested in pushing for the legalization of marijuana. However, a lot of folks still don’t understand the value of cannabis and cannabinoids. Hence, it may take a few years before science proves every medicinal claim regarding marijuana. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the next few years. For now, you can fly to Canada if you wish to use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes.