Is It Worth Buying A Heated Windscreen Wiper?

Purchasing a car is a fun and practical experience.  There are many reasons why you may choose a specific one.  The look and power of the vehicle often play an important part.  However, the gadgets which come with the car can be the items which sell a vehicle effectively.  After all; no matter how good a car looks, you will generally be sat inside it driving; at this point it is the ‘toys’ inside which will keep you interested and enjoying the driving experience.

On item which has been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years is the heated windscreen wiper.  If it does not come with your vehicle then you can easily purchase a good system from Crystal Clear Blades and have it fitted to your automobile in no time!

This leads to the question of whether this is a good addition to your vehicle or not.  In fact, there are several reasons why the heated windscreen wiper should be added to your automobile now:


The first thing to consider is that the wiper works automatically when it gets too hot or too cold.  When the temperature plummets, the heated windscreen wiper will automatically heat to 65 Centigrade.  This is hot enough to ensure no ice can form on the blade.  It will also melt the ice it comes into contact with as it glides across your screen.  Within moments your windscreen will be free from ice if you use this heated windscreen wiper.  This will leave you free to safely drive off; your visibility will be excellent; drastically reducing the likelihood of an accident.

Time Saving

As you can imagine having a heated windscreen wiper means that you will be able to get on the road much quicker; than if you need to scrape the ice off the car manually.  This is an important point as, in the modern world; most people are constantly rushing from one place to another.  There is not enough time to wait whilst you scrape the ice off your screen; it will leave you running late for work or an appointment.


Surprisingly the heated windscreen wiper is tougher than the standard one.  It is better able to cope with the extreme in climates and can even cling to the contours of the screen.  Whilst this will generally ensure all the dirt is off the screen, it can also help to protect the blade from stubborn dirt.

One of the biggest problems with regular blades is they become stiff and ineffective; the heated wiper blades remain flexible.  This means they will last for much longer than the standard ones and, in the long term, actually save you money.

Of course, this means you should be looking at keeping your car for several years but, if you are upgrading it with accessories, this is probably your intention anyway!

The heated wiper blade can work out cheaper and be a time saver; but it is also a cool feature which you can show off to your friends!

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