One of the toughest decisions you have to make while planning the move is to pick the right movers in NYC. Nowadays it doesn’t seem to be an easy task due to numerous fraudulent organizations that call themselves movers. Sometimes it’s not very easy to identify rogue moving companies, so there are some guidelines that may help you find the professional assistance you need.

Is It Difficult To Find Good Movers In NYC?

First of all, try to get a personal referral from your friends or relatives. Someone who has had recent experiences with moving may provide you with all relevant information and contacts. So, basically, other’s experiences could be the starting point for your quest.

If you couldn’t get any recommendation for a trustworthy NYC moving company, it’s up to you to research as many companies as you can and choose the most suitable one.

Once you find some relocation services you are interested in, contact them immediately and pay them a visit, which is preferable.
Don’t hesitate to ask them everything that bothers you in order to get a clear picture of the situation.

Do they have a physical address and contact?

Are they willing to send the staff to make an in-home estimate of moving costs?

Every honest and reputable NYC moving company has the policy to send their staff to make an inventory of all items and an accurate estimate of moving costs.

You should be provided with a binding estimate in writing in advance, describing the services the company will provide and the total cost of the moving.

Do they have a proper license and insurance?

A moving company you are entrusting your belongings to must have a proper license number, Us dot number, and insurance and must be registered with FMCSA. A program where you can check all those details is available on the internet.

What about company’s experience?

Find out how long your movers have been in this business. Are there any recommendations and positive feedback regarding this company? Use all available internet resources and do your research on the company you are interested in. You will be surprised by the details you can find out. Reputable moving companies will stand out, and so will the rogue movers, so be careful. Are the movers permanently or temporarily employed by the moving company? Do they own or rent moving trucks and vans?

What type of insurance are they providing?

Make sure to find out which part of your goods is covered by the insurance of the moving company. You may need to purchase an additional insurance in order to cover all your valuables.

If there are some services the movers charge additionally for, you should be aware of them. Movers may refuse to transport some of the items, so make sure to take them with you – valuables, jewelry…

What are the terms of the payment? 

If the moving company requests full payment in advance or a very large deposit, that is not a good sign. Unfortunately, this might indicate that you are dealing with rogue movers. The only acceptable payment method for you would be to pay in full only when all your belongings are safely delivered.