Are you a college student or a recent graduate? You have probably heard of or are out seeking internship opportunities. In some universities, undergoing an internship is part of completing a particular major.

It seems like they have become mandatory in a job seeker’s resume. In 2015, according to NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), over 60% of graduates surveyed, had internships. It may cause one to wonder whether a college degree is enough in a job search.

Most employers recruit those who have real-life experience. The best way for you to gain this valuable experience is through an internship. It is so, even though, most internships are unpaid. It begs the question, is internship worth it?

Probably the same question you would ask before visiting .

The Benefits of Internship

Not all internship position is about serving the senior management with coffee or filing their documents. In some, you are assigned tasks just like a regular employee. It is an opportunity to put into practice what you learn in the lecture halls.

One position may differ from one company to another. The following are some of the known benefits of internship:

Earning Extra Credit

When looking for waiver request letter services, you want one that gives value to your money. In an internship whether paying or not, you want one that adds value to you. It shouldn’t be in monetary terms alone.

Not all companies offer college credit. Find out if they do, first. Your credits will help you graduate, and the internship equips you with work experience. It is a win-win even if you have to pay first.


Since many job openings ask for candidates with experience, an internship offers you that. What it lacks in paying you, it compensates it with skills, knowledge, and experience. It is your chance to put the knowledge from class, into practice.

You gain hands-on experience in a particular field or industry. It helps you to determine at an early stage whether you fit in a specific career path or not. If some other duties fascinate you, you can volunteer to partake in it.

Get to use that software you have wanted to learn about. Or learn a new skill.

Potential for Employment

An internship can help you land a job. It is not uncommon for companies to offer some of the interns, full-time employment. However, your focus shouldn’t be to have an advantage over other job seekers.

Use your internship opportunity to learn and equip yourself with critical skills needed in your industry of choice.


It is your chance to build one-on-one relations with key players in your industry. They can be of great assistance in your job search. Also, the networks you form can also act as your references.

Get guidance and advice from them. Participate in networking conferences and events. Learn how to network and build your network. It is going to be useful to you in many ways than you can imagine.


There are also some cons associated with internships. They, however, do not surpass its benefits. It all depends on the choices we make, even if it’s in waiver letter services. Do what is beneficial to you.