Have you ever considered taking anabolics? Theoretically, injectable anabolics are much safer to take in since they do not have to be taken in orally or digested. Some people are unable to inject the health booster drug into them. This makes oral anabolics the popular choice among those in the underground bodybuilders. So, which is a better choice for weight loss – injectable anabolic or oral ones?

Which is Better?

Oral anabolics are said to be harder than injectable ones on the liver. As compared to injectable anabolics, oral ones have a shorter half-life. A half-life is the duration in which the steroid stays in your system. Oral anabolics need to be taken in several times a day as compared to injectable ones since they stay in the system only for three to five hours per anabolic. Therefore, taking in oral anabolics can put an enormous amount of strain on the liver. Yet, if you are completely new to injectable anabolics, there is always the danger of missing the target part of the body and piercing a tendon inadvertently. This can lead to something as simple as a clot or even to sudden death if it is not caught by a surgeon or physician on time.

Is Injectable Anabolic More Effective Than Oral Ones?

Anabolic Cycles

Anabolic injections do not usually serve as standalone solutions for weight loss. The majority of the weight gain that is the result of using the anabolic is from the water that has been retained. It is, therefore, imperative to add testosterone to your cycle. Add Nolvadex or Tamoxifen to counteract the estrogen-like effects of consuming the anabolic. One suggested cycle is, therefore, a period of eighteen weeks. Take 250 milligrams of testosterone twice a week for the first six weeks. Drop the anabolic for the next few weeks while continuing the testosterone. For the final six weeks, take 50 milligrams Clomid twice a day and drop the testosterone. There is also a price associated with those superficial looking abs you acquire, when you take in anabolics erratically.

The Side Effects of Anabolics

If the weight loss anabolic is taken in indiscriminately, you could see side effects such as urination problems, rapid weight gain, changes in the color of the skin, acne, enlarged clitoris (in women), deepened or hoarse voice, insomnia, gynecomastia, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, increased or decreased sex drive, ongoing or increased erection of the penis (in males), vomiting, nausea, easy bruising, jaundice, loss of appetite, nosebleeds or bleeding from the nose, painful swelling in the breasts, changes in the color of the urine, trouble having an orgasm, painful urination, upper stomach ache, and the like. Call your physician immediately, if you see any of these side effects. Females may see irreversible indications of masculinization in them sometimes. Stop using the anabolic immediately, if you see any of these side effects. You should take the anabolic for weight loss only in the right dosages to avoid the side effects. Anabolics are, however, safe when taken in the right dosages. Buy oral or liquid Anadrol, since it is an anabolic that is highly recommended by bodybuilders and athletes alike.