Has facelift gone obsolete? After all the fillers and toxins being injected to plum up or erase the wrinkles and facial folds, are facelifts even required? And how about all the energy based technologies that tone and tighten the sagging skin – the question that begs is, are facelifts going out of the picture? Not by a long shot.

The truth is that facelift surgery is even more relevant today than ever before. Although, peels, shots and lasers are evenly great at eliminating the signs of aging and can bring a youthful appearance without holding a candle to what rhytidectomy can do.

Is Facelift Surgery Becoming Obsolete?

If you’re getting wrinkles or your skin is sagging, getting signs of aging or it’s the face that’s lacking the glow that you should have – consider getting Facelift in Atlanta from the very reputable Crispin Plastic Surgery. You will even have a good set of choices in facelift procedures, because here you have types of facelifts.

Get a consultation at Crispin and let your expert plastic surgeon help you decide for the procedure. But before going to the surgeon, understand for yourself what “facial aging” means and if you’re in need of the procedure or not. Here’s little help from us:

Facial Aging – The Details

The face ages in the following steps:

  • Age spots appear and skin changes
  • Dynamic lines become visible on face, the crow’s feet
  • Cheeks loose volume and so do temples
  • Face loses its elasticity
  • There’s a downward pull of gravity on face

Yes, the change in age and poor routine activities will bring this change and there is no anti-aging process to address all these factors but “Facelift” procedure. Chemical peel may be a great way of getting rid of age spots, soft tissue fillers might be great for plumping up cheeks, injectables are perfect for smoothing out the wrinkles and various radiofrequency technologies can stimulate the production of collagen and boost skin elasticity; but facelift can do all of the above.

Is Facelift Surgery Becoming Obsolete?

Facelift also reins the pull of gravity and there are a number of facelift types as well. Some facelift types may be technical and so do they sound technical – such as superficial muscular aponeurotic system lift (SMAS) – while some sound less surgical – such as check lift procedure. The names of the facelift types indicate the areas of target and how deep the incisions are made.

Facelift procedure in general is about trimming the excess skin, repositioning of tissues and tightening of muscles. While, neck lift might also be a part of the facelift procedure and so might liposuction. The surgeon hides the incisions beneath the eyes or in the scalp, while evaluating the muscle tone and face for developing the right plan that will suit your needs and face type.

Are you ready for a Facelift?

The actual reasons why people are rushing towards the less invasive procedures is because they require less time in recovery and healing and also have a few risks involved. Facelift procedure on the other hand is a big deal and requires a very long time to recover. Just after one or two day of surgery, you will look swollen and bruised and just looking at your own self will make you have shocks.

Facelifts just like any other surgery also involves risks, including facial weakness, infections, and hair loss. The places where incisions are made will also loose hair and might even cause a lopsided facial appearance. Facelift is also expensive as it is extensive. The procedure can easily cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000, based on the extent of the treatment, geographical location, and of course other factors.

Although, other anti-aging treatments as injectables are less in cost then facelift but are even not cheap. However, they are not done in a single session and require multiple visits, which mean an ongoing cost. Facelift offers a lasting result for up to 10 years, unless any complication associated. The factors which can increase the cost of facelift include:

  • The Type of Facelift – There are various types of facelifts and target a specific area of the face. Generally speaking, a full facelift will definitely cost more than a mini-facelift procedure.
  • The Type of Anesthesia – Patients have the option of choosing between general and local anesthesia and usually, a full sedation will cost more than local anesthesia.
  • Techniques Involved – Very advanced techniques as endoscopic facelift should cost more than routine methodologies.
  • Additional Treatments – Most of the patients combine facelift with other surgical procedures to enhance the obtained results. It is important to remember that additional procedures will add to the cost of facelift procedure as well.
  • Surgeon’s Expertise – Highly reputed and expert surgeon will have a higher charge than routine surgeons. However, do remember that a good surgeon has a lot to do with the results and can simply be an end to fear and complications.
  • Geographical Location – The cost of the surgery also depends on the geographical location of the person. Facelift costs will be higher in larger metropolitans.

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