Is Dropping A Year For Getting Into IITs Okay?

Every year, the percentage of freshers appearing for the IIT-JEE is higher than the students who go for a second attempt. Contrastingly, most of the students getting into IITs have appeared for the exam a second time. This inference might encourage students planning to appear in the IIT-JEE, a second time.

Preparing for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced is not an easy exercise, it takes years of preparation and practice to be able to achieve an optimum rank.

So, while many of you might think about dropping a year and focusing on the JEE, how do you finally decide if that is good for you, or not?

Here’s how.

To make an informed decision, first think about the risks that you may face:

Also, before deciding, consider what you seek to achieve in your second IIT-JEE attempt:

Go through this exhaustive checklist, and if your answer still favours IIT-JEE, give yourself another chance. As once you reach the IIT gates, your flashback about being a fresher or a repeater does not really matter.

But during getting there, do build a lot of mental strength as your circle of relatives and other people from the society might take out a lot of time to advise you or counsel you, rather. Stay above whatever they say or compel you to do, focus only on your end goal.

Put in double the efforts, but that does not mean, you would be required to mentally exhaust yourself. Prepare a well-balanced schedule that allots enough time for eat, sleep and other leisure oriented activities. Practice on a regular basis to assess your level of preparation and look for ways to reach the optimum level required.

All the Best!

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