Is Bowling Ball Affecting Your Game? Pro Tips To Choose The Perfect Ball!

Bowling rage has been around for many years! But wait! Do you know how to hit the game?


Really! Have you ever hit those pins in one shot?

No! You don’t know the game folk, or you perhaps don’t know your equipment.

If you have been bowling for so long and still have not become a profound player, there’s something wrong. It’s either bowling techniques or bowling ball that you need to look-upon.

While one can learn how to bowl, choosing the perfect ball is quite stressful and daunting task. After all, the right ball can make and break your scores.

Furthermore, bowling with right equipment by picking the right ball automatically increases the scores and consistency.

So, how will you pick your bowl?

Have a look at these pro tips that would help you pick your bowling ball.

A Heavy Ball is not always the Best Ball!

Choosing heavy ball can be risky as well as can give injuries if not handled with ease.

Although there is no specific ball for anyone, amateurs mostly select 15 or 16-pound ball. However, for adults, the weight ranges from 14 to 16 pounds, and for kids, this can vary from six to 14 pounds. Choosing the right bowling ball will also help you, if you have plans to build a bowling center.

Check what your Cover Stock of the Ball is?

Cover stock is the material which is on the outer surface of the ball. So, before picking any random ball, check how your ball will react to the bowling lane conditions. Primarily, there are three main types of cover stocks, i.e., plastic or polyester, urethane and reactive resin.

Plastic cover stocks are for those who hit the ball straight and have always been doing so. While it’s least expensive, it is also very less versatile.

Reactive and urethane-resin: These stocks are perfect if you want to throw a hook. These cover hooks will provide better grip on the lane than the plastic ones. Urethane balls usually hook through the complete lane thereby providing better grip to the path. Bowlers typically prefer reactive resin as the ball will pass through the oil without catching. This will increase friction and create more strike potential.

Get your bowling ball drilled if you are not finding your perfect:

Although there are many pre-drilled bowling balls, a ball drilled as per your hand will give more control and will minimize the risk of injury. For this, take your ball to the pro shop and let the expert measure your hand and drill your ball.

Ask from experts:

For a rookie, it would be the best thing to seek help from other players. Ask them why they have picked that ball, what are the problems they face while bowling and much more.

So, those were some pro tips! Next time you look for your bowling ball, have a look at the above tips and then pick the one to hit the scores!

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