Is Anavar fit for woman use? Click here to know!


Many male users have tried getting muscle gains with the use of Anavar cycles, but it has proved highly beneficial mostly in the case of female users surprisingly. Women are generally asked to properly know about their irregularities and biological abnormalities if any before the start of any diet cycle, to keep away from any kind of side effects or undesired results. There has been so much buzz about the popularity of Anavar in the women fitness community that people are going crazy with the awesome benefits that they are getting from the product. This is the reason why the supplement has been given the tag of “girl’s official steroid” because of its efficacy in helping you lose weight effectively and also bulk up your muscles for extra strength and power. When it comes down to taking anabolic steroidal products, Anavar does the exact same work for women as synthetic testosterone supplements do for men only with lesser number of side effects. This is what makes this dietary medication so popular among reputed and professional fitness enthusiasts including body builders, weight lifters, athletes and wrestlers of both the genders.

How is Anavar dosage for male users?

Most of the men belonging from the fitness world will know that the effects of Anavar are mild enough when compared with the effects of other strong anabolic steroidal products like Trenbolone, testosterone, Winstrol or Dianabol. It works effectively in the cutting cycles for men. If you choose Oxandrolone for exclusively building muscle mass, then it might not be the right choice for you. It is useless for some individual to take Anavar for only muscle gains and no fat loss. It will somehow help in gaining muscle unit but only when administered at very high doses, which is not feasible all the time and the gain is also quite small.

It is even considered uneconomical for using Anavar in bulking cycles since the product is quite expensive and it is hard to get the real Anavar pills and tablets from safe sources. The adequate dose strength given to men for gaining is 50 mg per day but since it is costly, such a cycle is hardly followed. Generally the recommended dosage strength has been standardised as 30 mg per day for male users within safe range of administration.

How should women use Anavar?

It has been noticed that using Anavar for bulking phases in men is completely useless. But is it the same case for female users too? Surprisingly no. many women have been found using Anavar for getting effective muscle growth during the off-season period.

Since the effects of Anavar are mild, it is favourable for the female body in terms of sensitive reactions. You can even use it as a part of your diet plan in order to burn extra calories from the body. The most preferred dose strength of Anavar for women is 10 mg per day. Keep your dosage cycle within safe limits to enjoy the benefits of this awesome dietary supplement.

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