Water damage can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs, and if left unchecked, it can lead to the formation of mold and mildew which can leave a house unsafe for habitation. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that between 2011 and 2015, the average cost of an insurance claim resulting from water damage averaged $46,000. Fortunately, flood detectors provide a homeowner with the ability to reduce the effects of flooding and offer the following benefits, which can provide peace of mind and help keep a family and their home safe in the event of a disaster.

24/7 Monitoring

A flood can strike without warning at any time, day or night, and impact a family when they least expect it. Flood detectors are small electronic devices that can easily be placed in areas that are prone to flooding, such as near the main water line or under sinks that are susceptible to freezing. These sensors are monitored around the clock and will allow a homeowner to take quick action and turn off the main water supply before substantial property loss results.

Inhibit Mold Growth

Mold can form as a result of flooding in a matter of hours, and the key to inhibiting its growth is to detect the presence of water quickly. This detection allows a homeowner to begin the extraction process as soon as possible and can reduce the chance that mold has to form. This process can prevent a home from becoming dangerous to live in and can significantly reduce the expenses associated with a flood-related insurance claim.

Advanced Detection

When severe flooding occurs, it can take minutes for water levels in a home to reach dangerous levels, but flood detectors give a family extra time to evacuate by sounding an audible alarm when water levels are on the rise. This alert can mean the difference between life and death and allow a family to protect their most valuable asset; themselves. Don’t become a statistic when a few precautions can save lives and minimize the effects associated with a flood-related loss.

Even minor water damage can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and a costly insurance claim. Flood detectors are affordable devices that can help minimize the effects of a water intrusion and give a family peace of mind. Don’t let a household become ravaged when a small investment upfront can stave off potential disaster without breaking the bank.


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