The time finally comes to buy a new laptop. The most recognized name in laptops is the Macbook Pro of course, but what else is out there? There is a comparable laptop called the Microsoft Surface Pro that may just be a better fit for your needs.

Today we will take a look at the features and specifications of the Surface Pro and see how it compares to those of the Macbook Pro so you can decide which laptop is best for your business.

If you are looking for something really lightweight and compact with a lot of power, the Surface is the laptop for you. Microsoft has been doing a great job of increasing the processing power and memory of their devices and putting that into a much smaller unit or console, like they did with the Xbox One X.


The Macbook Pro weighs over 3 pounds, while the Microsoft Surface Pro weighs just 1.7 pounds. The Macbook is also a little larger, with a 13.3 inch display compared to the Surface’s 12.3 inch display. It would be much more reasonable to carry around a Surface from place to place than it would a Macbook.


As far as the processing goes for these two computers, they are pretty much the same. Both the Macbook and the Surface can do i5 or i7, but only the Surface has the option of m3. In case you don’t know what m3 is, it is a lower level of processor that is used for light computing- so if your business is Bitcoin mining, stay away from m3.

Is A Microsoft Surface Right For You?


There is one graphics option on the Macbook Pro, and that is the Intel Iris Plus 640. For the Surface, it can still have the 640, but there are two more options- namely, the 615 and 620.
Here comes the biggest difference between the two computers- the biggest pro and the biggest con for each.

Hard drive

The Surface Pro can come with 1 TB SSD memory, while the Macbook Pro can do no higher than 512 GB SSD. When it comes to running a business, the more memory, the better.

This means you can store more clients and have more large files and it just makes your life so much easier. The knock on the Surface is that it is nearly impossible to repair and Microsoft isn’t as good as Apple is with their services. Apple offers something called AppleCare, which is most comparable to Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection.


If your Apple device breaks, you just have to call a Macbook repair specialist or go directly to Apple and they will be able to repair it or send you a new device. If you are the kind of client who values choices or if you require more memory, like if you deal with multimedia or large files, then the Microsoft Surface is for you. If you need the assurance that if your computer breaks, you will be protected and you can get a laptop repaired or replaced, then the Macbook is for you. Hopefully now you can make a better decision on which laptop to get!