iPad Apps For A Perfect Bareboat Charter

Captain your very own bareboat charter along beautiful coastlines to explore historical and cultural treasures, beaches, and nature – all at your own leisure.

A bareboat yacht charter can make for one of the most rewarding holidays. Just picture it, blue shimmering water gently caressing your feet as you’re about to dive into an underwater world of colourful coral caves few have ever experienced.

Now keep that same image of tranquillity in mind, but imagine that when you dive down you don’t find any caves? What if all you find is a school of sharks swimming your way? So what if all doesn’t go according to plan?

If you don’t have the right equipment to help you along the way, your vacation can take a turn for the worse, and one you’ll probably not want to think back on.

iPad apps can help steer clear of danger and set a course toward the perfect holiday. Here are some of the iPad apps that will keep your feet wet and your toes safe from hungry sharks.

Better Than The North Star

You’ll need a reliable compass. A good compass is basic and having the best app is a no brainer. Compass Eye is that app, a reliable compass overlaid on your live view camera so you can see exactly where you’re headed. The dials won’t move as the boat rocks and you can triangulate your bearings.

Less Sun, Still Stunning

If you’re planning on sailing closer to home, you’ll need an app that can predict UK tides so you’re not left aground. The UK Tides app tracks over 600 locations along British shores – save favourite destinations to a list and easily track highs and lows.

Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

Ship Finder can be used on land to keep track of a friend, especially if they’ve booked a bareboat charter and are sailing solo. Knowing someone has your back can be a huge relief. Ship Finder uses a real-time virtual radar to track ships across the world.

A Rulebook For On The Road

The rules of the road apply just as much at seas as they do on land. Know your buoys, and understand light signals to steer your boat safely and avoid danger like turbulent water or getting lost.

Bear Down

No matter how careful you’ve been in setting your coordinates, you can easily be steered off course by the will of the winds. The aptly named Predict Wind app can help you be aerodynamic and safe. Predict Wind precisely tells you the forecast for your location.

Sailing holidays are terrific but the sea can be hard to predict. Make sure you have the tools to accurately navigate your way to your destinations safely.

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