The most important thing in a wedding is to invite the guests. And that is going to happen with a best invitation card. Following are some thoughts for helping to get a best wedding card. These are the processes those should be started as soon as possible before the wedding.

Guest Listing

Before ordering for the card, there should be a list of guests to whom we are going to invite for the wedding. And according to that we should be ready with our addresses too. So that after printing the cards there will be only one work to send them sooner.


On planning a wedding, we should always keep the proper cost in to consideration. We should choose as per our wedding style. If we plan a costly wedding then we could spent accordingly, but in case of small weddings it is a very less amount that we spent wisely.

Invitation Card Tips

Shape of Card

It is more important to decide the shape and size of the cards. Initially people were using rectangular shapes of invitation but now a day’s couples prefer to have round or heart shaped cards. Some like to have single card, some like double or folded one. So accordingly we should order suitable format.

Brief Description

In the wedding card one should greet the guest and should have a brief description that what type of wedding it would be, and the time, place where it going to happen.

Colour and Letters on Card

Then it is about the colour that we choose for the card and the Wedding envelopes. Some people always like to have a golden or silver shiny look. Or some people like to have only printed format. We should always keep in mind that whatever colour we are using the letters should be of opposite colour of the cards background. If the card colour is light, letter colour should be dark and vice versa. It will be helpful for the information to be visible.

Sense of Words

It is always said that in invitations we should be requesting people to attend the wedding, such as our honour or our pleasure to have guests. We should write accordingly by describing nicely, so that guests should be happy to come. The words should not be confusing. Complete information about the wedding should be there. We can put turmeric a bit as symbol of holiness. Which is been always used in case of Hindu Wedding Invitations.

Finally, another important thing is that at one end just keep your family members names and the address. If you are forgetting to put it in the invitation card, make sure that to put in the thank you notes after the guests Wedding Wishes.

These are the things to be keeping in mind. Another thing is to keep 20 or 30 cards extra so that if we miss some one by mistake, we can send them or in case we need to resend to any address. So it always wise to keep extra cards.