When people think about plastic surgery, a many things may come to mind. There has been a lot of controversy over the subject, however there are many myths out there that need to be debunked when it comes to these kinds of procedures. Additionally, what many people don’t know is that cosmetic surgery wasn’t born during the modern ages, but in fact it has been practiced for centuries and has been utilized since as early as 600 B.C. No matter which side of the fence you fall on about the topic, there are many interesting facts surrounding plastic surgery that are sure to be somewhat surprising.

Interesting Facts About Plastic Surgery

1. Back in the ancient Roman times, many men had plastic surgery procedures done on their backs through old age techniques. The reason for this is because when the Roman men would go to war, they were taught that it was only honorable to come home with scars on their front side. Turning their backs meant they acted like a coward, and therefore they would get these scars removed via plastic surgery upon their return.

2. The most popular forms of plastic surgery in the world are breast augmentations and nose reshaping. Even though the numbers have spiked in the last twenty years for men who get plastic surgery done, they still only account for 9% of all people who get cosmetic procedures. This means that 91% of everyone who gets a plastic surgery operation done is female.

3. Even though the term “cosmetic surgery” sounds like it is strictly to improve looks, more than 88% of people who get some type of plastic surgery say that their overall looks directly impacts their well being, and they feel better about themselves as a result of their procedure. Even though nose reshaping might been trivial, many people who have either been in accidents or were born with looks that just don’t fit will find that getting plastic surgery transforms their lives.

4. Thanks to technology becoming more effective and better utilized, the price of plastic surgery procedures have dropped drastically over the last ten years. For example, getting a laser hair removal operation done used to cost roughly $382 in 2002 and it now costs a mere $265. With the advancement of these technologies, the prices are likely to continue to fall in years to come.

5. During the First World War is when some of the newest advancements in plastic surgery were created. Due to a high number of soldiers getting injured, the doctors were starting to get overwhelmed with how to help them and had to think of some new and creative solutions. Some of these techniques that were derived from these situations is what led to the advancement of plastic surgery that we know today.

6. Bill Clinton was the first president of the United States to declare that certain types of plastic surgery could be covered through insurance. One of the most prevalent procedures that were included in this were breast augmentations for women to have symmetrical breasts, and this was hugely beneficial to many plastic surgeons. This meant that more women were willing to get the procedure done as it was now appropriate to have it partially paid for by their medical insurance providers.

7. The very first nose reshaping procedure was done in India around the year 600 B.C. The doctors mainly used skin from the cheek and forehead to replace and reshape the patient’s nose, and then small wooden tubes were placed inside the nostrils to assist with breathing during the healing process.

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