Search engine result pages are still the most important traffic source for any website. More than 80 percent of traffic we acquire could come from search engines. It is a compelling fact and SEO professionals should still be inspired to continuously leverage their uses of proper techniques. It means that we should make sure that we gain proper online visibility and we could extend our SEO campaign to social networking media. Today, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are still regarded as the most active online platforms, other than Google itself. It means that we could potentially gain traffic by focusing our efforts on various social media platforms.

The big question is how social media could facilitate SEO. First of all, we could use social media to improve link building. Our website will also be able to gain plenty of visibility and people will be fully aware of our brand. It is a common fact that backlinks are considered as the vote of confidence and they establish the relevance of a website. It is true that direct links from Twitter tweets or Facebook posts are meaningless, but if our website is interesting enough, people could link to our website in their blogs and websites. If there are thousands of people who visit our website through social media, it is possible that we get a few dozens of genuine links from various websites. This could be considered as a kind of social proofing. In general, it could be considered as a way for us to be trusted by many people who have similar interests in the niche.

Social media could really drive real, targeted traffic to our website. If we manage to get a million of views on YouTube, thousands of people would visit our website if we place the URL on the description section. These people could be eager to learn more about us. People who have interests on similar topics could be considered as closely-knit communities. There could be a few prominent people in such niches and we could be better known among these communities, if we are able to deliver something really interesting. Eventually, the real traffic into our website will increase exponentially. Peer to peer recommendation is considered as strong as word of mouth in online communities.

Social networks also help us if we have good content in form of images and videos, not just text. If we create genuinely interesting images with small URL watermark at the bottom, it is possible that people will eventually visit our website. This is also a good way to create backlinks for our website. Images can be distributed much easier than videos, it means that many people would potentially read our watermarked URL at the bottom of these images.

When we try to improve SEO performance, it is important to gain strong traction on social media. In fact, it is possible that our new webpages will be indexed faster if we encourage people to visit the through social media.