It’s official, installing office coffee machines has a direct impact on office productivity. Taking a coffee break with colleagues makes workers happier and more efficient. 38% of workers say they couldn’t live without their morning coffee, and 65% drink an average 3 cups of coffee during the working day.

Great Coffee Keeps your Employees in the Building

46% of workers say they have to pop out to the local coffee shop for their caffeine fix. Let’s think about that statistic and those takeaway coffees. That’s an awful lot of minutes in a working day, week, month and year when your employees aren’t at their desks. Swap that 10 minute trip to the coffee shop for a 2 minute walk to the breakout room and you’re cutting down on productivity loss and boosting employee morale.

Perks are Great for Office Morale

37% of employees say they’d rather have a cup of good coffee everyday than a Christmas party. Those little perks like a decent bean to cup machine are a cost effective way to build staff morale and, that’s right, boost their creativity and productivity. Focus on quality and you’re sending a strong message to your workforce that their wellbeing matters. They’ll repay you by working that bit harder.

Coffee is a Performance Enhancer

Researchers at London’s School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine discovered that coffee boosts concentration and memory, reducing mistakes and accidents at work. Coffee actually stops the brain from releasing adenosine, a compound that makes you sleepy. Caffeine boosts your dopamine levels, keeping your workforce alert, focused and, yes, productive. A filter machine with a jug of good coffee is a quick fix for a brighter workforce.

Coffee Promotes a Better Culture

Most offices now have a dedicated breakout room and it’s the perfect place for a bean to cup machine. Taking a coffee break with colleagues is a great way of fostering individual and team relationships, getting workers out of their silos and letting the creativity flow. 40% of workers said they had their most productive work conversations over a cup of coffee.

Coffee is a Great Unifier

There’s nothing worse than office politics and poor relationships to kill productivity. Bring your work teams together over a good cup of coffee and they’ll bond more strongly and work better together. Some businesses invest big money in resources to unify their teams. Do it better and more cheaply with a coffee machine offering a quality cup.

Give your Employees a Hidden Payrise

If you’re workers are popping out for 2 or 3 coffees a day at an average £2.50 a cup, then you’re giving them an effective pay rise of over £1,000 a year. That’s the kind of thing that makes for happy workers, and happy workers are more creative, more efficient and more productive.

If you’re interested in installing office coffee machines to boost productivity and profits, then contact us and find out which is the best quality coffee solution for your business.