The Bomdila hill station is situated at an average elevation of 2,217 meters Arunachal Pradesh. A land of breath-taking landscapes, the beautiful Bomdila offers magnificent views of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges. Bomdila, the headquarters of West Kameng district, has a cool climate, apple orchards, Buddhist culture and varied crafts to lure the tourists. Bomdila is nestled in the Himalayan ranges and is full of lush greenery. Its natural beauty makes it a popular tourist destination. The dense forests, orchids and orchards and challenging trekking options turn Bomdila into an inviting holiday destination.

Orchid Sanctuary

The 100-square-km Sessa orchid sanctuary, set up in 1979, has deep valleys, high hills, several rivers, waterfalls and over 200 species of orchids. It also has the red panda and pheasant. It is a beautiful place round the year. The waterfalls multiply during the rainy season between April and October. Snow-capped mountain peaks add another dimension to the beauty of the place during winters.

Hybrid Varieties

Tipi Orchidarium on the banks of the Bharali boasts of over 50,000 varieties of orchid ranges, including some rarest species. Scientists at the orchid research center create new hybrid varieties. The orchid glass house here has over 1000 orchids. Tipi Orchidarium, with its rafting and fishing facilities, is a favorite with tourists.

Wildlife Sanctuary

The 217-square-km Eaglenest wildlife sanctuary also has spectacular views, although the waterfalls here are from lesser heights. Birds like eagle, hornbill, kingfishers, ducks and pheasants can be found here as also the animals like the Bengal tiger, langur, Asian elephant, black bear, and red panda. Over 165 types of butterflies are an added colorful attraction.

Trekking Delight

The Dirang valley has some fantastic views. It is the ideal place for trekking. The trails lead to high peaks nearby. Dirang is also has hot water springs, medicinal plants and apple orchards. Apple orchards cover large areas and fruit-laden apple trees make a great attraction for tourists. The orchards are a treat for the eye in winter, the season of apples. For bird watchers and trekkers, Dirang is the base camp for ventures towards Mandla.

Other Places

Among other places of interest are the view point, which offers a spectacular sight from a high point in the region, craft center, upper, middle and lower gompas, and the Buddhist monastery.

Getting to Bomdila

The closest airport is at Tezpur (160 km). Visitors can board a bus or taxi to reach Bomdil from the airport. Rangapara in Assam is the nearest railway station (146 km) well connected to various parts of the country. Visitors can take bus, taxi or other transport from the railway station to reach Bomdila. Bomdila is well connected to various cities like Tezpur, Rangapara and Guwahati by road. Buses, private taxi and rented cars take people in and around Bomdila.

Winters are Cool

In summer, between April and June, the temperatures range from 20°C to 32°C. June is the hottest month. Monsoon rain is frequent from July to September. In winter, the temperatures range from 11°C to 26°C. Families going on a vacation at Bomdila in winter will have to check for online winter wear for kids before leaving for the destination.

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