The holidays always bring more activity to homes. Parties, out-of-town guests and spontaneous visits increase the amount of attention given to your home’s interior. If you want to change the look of rooms without breaking the holiday budget, consider these update tips, which can provide visual interest and a fresher feel.

Area Rugs

Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Home For The Holidays

If you haven’t looked at area rugs in a while, you will be surprised and delighted by the new designs and textures that are now available. Changing the area rug on a wood floor can give the room an entirely new look, add more color and movement to the room’s design and provide a warmer environment during the chilly winter months. You can also employ the help of an area rug to cover up carpeting that may have seen better days. The trick is to use a larger rug that covers more than the damaged area, to avoid making the disguise look obvious. An area rug’s smaller price can allow you to experiment with different looks for a room, without the commitment of an entire flooring change.

New Bedding

Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Home For The Holidays

If you’re having guests for the holidays, invest in some new bedding for the guest room to give the room a colorful lift. You can find many good bargains on linens online, and department stores often have sales on high-quality bedding at deep discounts. Opt for a new color palette, or a bed covering with a cheerful design to provide strong visual impact. If a whole new set is cost prohibitive, consider adding a colorful throw over the bed and a few decorative pillows.

Sew Some Throw Pillows

If your budget is very tight around the holidays, consider making your own throw pillows. You can find many suitable remnants at your local fabric store. They also carry pillow filler of various types. Pillows for living room, family room or bedroom can be whipped up in an afternoon. You can mix and match colors and patterns in any color palette you desire.

Change Window Treatments

One easy way to change the look of a room quickly is by changing the window coverings. You have. Simply focus on the common areas of the home that will be most visible to guests. Living room, kitchen, guest bath and guestroom can be quickly and inexpensively updated to give the room an entirely new look. Consider adding a treatment that is opposite in style to what you had before. Instead of heavy, formal drapes, consider blinds with sheer panels or one of the new types of decorative shades. Just changing the look of your window treatments can update the entire look of the room.

Update Lighting

Lighting has a critical effect on both the look and the feel of a room. Outdated lighting fixtures can make your home look dull and uninspired. Take some time to research the many new types of lighting fixtures that are currently available.  A line of pendant lamps can give kitchen areas better illumination and a cheerier atmosphere.  Change your dining experience with a modernized chandelier design. Table lamps in geometric shapes can add more visual interest to rooms. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting to give your home a new look.