If you thought that playing rummy was possible with a physical deck of card alone then here is news, you can play rummy online for real cash that too from the comforts of home. All you need is a PC, laptop, tablet, or an android/iOS device to download the rummy gaming app, and access the game at your ease. This way, you do not need an immediate company of people or worry about the hour of the day to seek a thrilling card game. You can play against random players on the internet on a website.

You can create an account on Khelplay Rummy, a website for rummy lovers. It is secured and safe and has all types of rummy variants you can imagine. Simply register and start playing a game you like. If you are a newbie, you can read the guides and tutorials available and participate in regular or practice games.

With time and regular play, you will amass the knowledge to rummy rules and tricks and go on to play cash tournaments. Here is how you can play Indian rummy online games for pure fun and cash.

  1. Register and Earn

As a new member to a site, you will earn several benefits, including free cash or points to jumpstart a cash game. You may be allowed to play for free for a week or two. After which, to win money playing games, you will have to spend a small amount on buy-in. The cash rewards are of course a lot more than the small participation fee you provide.

You can even sign up for the referral program. You will be given a link or code to rummy game free download, which you can send to others. When the relevant people sign up to the app or website using the code or link you send, you earn a certain amount or points. The new joiner also receives some benefits and cash.

  1. Be a Pro before Playing for Cash

It is wise to hone your card gaming skills, before you play online rummy free game to win real money, because otherwise, you may not stand much chance at winning. Cash games are usually played by experts who are well versed with every rummy technique and trick. To emerge as a winner against such opponents, you have to be equally an expert. Otherwise, you will keep losing your money and not win any cash prize.

  1. Tricks to Confuse Opponents

So, which tricks you must know to defeat the opponents? Firstly, you should know that to win at rummy, you need to form a pure sequence, a set, and regular sequence. Every platform has different set or rummy guidelines, so you must know what type of hand they accept in the game. You can discard a card and trick the rival to discard a related card, which you actually need. You may observe the game-play of the opponent to understand his moves.

There are several such techniques you must learn. Until you seriously want to join a website to earn money, you can play rummy online free without registration, as there are various platforms that allow you to play without becoming a member. One you hone your skills, you can start playing for cash after registering with a secured website.

  1. A Word of Caution

Do remember there are many websites that falsely claim to provide cash rewards but here to steal your card and banking information. Always study and compare the gaming websites before choosing one. Similarly, you should only choose a 13 card rummy game free download for PC, if you have a licensed malware or anti-virus software installed in your device. This way, your system and information in it will stay protected.

By following the above-given tips and suggestions, you can definitely indulge an exciting rummy patti game and become a pro at it.