If you thought gold jewelry was too opulent or passé, think again! Buying gold jewellery is not only a smart buy but also a timeless-style guarantee.

Like ready-to-wear or shoes, jewelry is not immune to the shifting tides of seasonal trends. And be it colourful gems, massive pieces or statement designs, trends come and go. But like a little black dress or a diamond, gold doesn’t get old.

Gold jewelers in Delhi are grabbing this opportunity by bringing some of the most exclusive ornaments design especially in yellow gold. Yes, you heard it right, the trend of yellow gold is back and now you’re going to see more and more women carrying the gold accessories.

So leave it to the tried-and-true. Whether you’re planning on keeping them preciously to yourself or passing them down one day, jewels have this emotional value that simply can’t be found in any other fashion item. With this idea in mind, hallmark gold jewelry by Hazoorilal Legacy will leave you spellbound with its intricate designs and premium quality. Make way for some sunshine in your closet.

India and Gold Jewellery - An Affair To Remember

  1. Take your ethnic game to a royal level with these timeless pieces by Hazoorilal Legacy. Made intricately with precious gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and pearls set in 22K yellow gold, these jadau kundan earrings redefine royalty and luxury in the most ravishing manner.
  2. These South pieces with goddess adornments are back in vogue. These antique style temple jewellery is typically being worn as cuffs, oversized jhumkas and multi-strand neckpieces with a statement pendant. The gold finish is also darker, deeper and more antiquated. This year, welcome Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi through the harmonious blend of traditional temple art work in form of exquisite earnings and necklace set in 22k yellow gold, with old-cut flat diamonds with scintillating rubies.
  3. All of us are swooned over the fashion wave chokers have set, and these ravishing pieces have taken everyone with a storm. This glittering piece is the perfect epitome to Indian tradition interspersed with western hues. Let this sculptural choker design enhance your beauty this Diwali with its elaborate design encrusted with precious gems set in 22k oxidised yellow gold and pearls.
  4. These chandbalis are absolute stunners. From simple to studded and from metallic to enamelled, you find a whole range of these earrings, one for every occasion that can be thought of. Some of the most timeless pieces are those in 22k gold set with precious gemstones. Traditional gold jhumkas never go out of fashion and are a classic piece to go with any outfit.

One of the remnants from the notions of older generations is that gold is considered as a grand benchmark to determine one’s status. Over the years the notion has given birth to another that the style of the gold jewelry bought determines one’s class. This Diwali, unleash your classier and stylish grace with Hazoorilal Legacy’s timeless gold jewellery pieces, and let them speak highly of you. Bejewel this festive season with the best!