You try to study really hard but you can’t get rid of this feeling that you still lack something? Sometimes your own effort is just not enough. Instead of exhausting yourself with sleepless nights, maybe it is time to think of tools that can help to make your education process much more productive?

It is the age of technology and gradually everything becomes more or less computerized. Could you imagine automatic online essay writer would ever exist at all?? But now there is nothing surprising. It is time you learn more about tools that will free you up a little bit and increase your productivity a lot.

 Increasing Student’s Productivity

  • MindGenius

You know for a fact that life of an average student is a load of every day work. MindGenuis application takes note taking and researching to much higher level. This software can be downloaded online (plus you can explore it for 30 days free of charge using its trial version). So what do you get? You get a better management of daily things and take control of overload of information.

This stool is very easy to use for all college students. Moreover, it is very fast and convenient. Pretty templates will make the education process more interesting and even entertaining.

  • WordCount

It is not a secret that you will have lots of essay writing in college. But don’t narrow down your writing to essays online. You will be introduced research and term-papers, coursework and case-study, and depending on the degree you pursue, you might even need to write a thesis or dissertation. If you are familiar with basic writing rules you will know, that each time you will be required to use certain number of words or symbols. Instead of checking this number manually all the time, you should better consider installing WordCount app. This application is 100% free and extremely easy to use.

  • WritingHouse

Since you will have to write academic papers almost every day, it is time to get acquainted with even more tools. Remember this feeling when the essay is over, but you still need to complete bibliography part? With this app you don’t need to get nervous each time.  This citation generator tool supports Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and APA citation styles . It applies the citation depending on the format you choose. Besides, with this app you will never miss a deadline and required format will be preserved.


Many students can hardly imagine their lives without this website. So, what this site does is it helps to manage different academic presentations and organize large documents.  It does not matter how large the document you need to export or import.  This site has been friendly optimized for using it from your smartphone.

  • Scientific Research

What makes this project so attractive is the fact that it is available both at Android and Apple Store which you can access 24/7. It gives you an open access to the peer-reviewed articles and journals. Even Google recommends visiting Scientific Research to find reliable scientific sources.

See, your education process does not have to be that difficult at all. You can use these pieces of advice and begin searching for more similar tips. Visit students forums as it is exactly where you will find people with same issues. Sharing experience is what students are always up to!