A Companion for All your Screen Recording Needs

Are you tired of searching for the best screen recording software? Everyone is claiming to be the best; therefore, you must have developed a confusion regarding the one you should settle for. We are going to review a screen recording software which has all the reasons of being labeled as “the best”! The Movavi Screen Capture Studio has got all it takes to be the leader amongst screen grabbers and recorders. It has great amount of reliability, performance and features to be termed as the best screen grabber. You get the ease of recording each and every activity that is happening on your screen. Now you can forget all the mess ups and difficulties that you have faced before due to the unavailability of a good screen recording software. This one comes in with the abilities of recording Skype calls, YouTube videos and other activities on your PC’s or laptop’s screen.

In-depth Review Of The Movavi Screen Capture Studio

List of Features to Meet your Recording Needs

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio will give you some great features which will let you finish your recordings perfectly. It will give you all the convenience to polish every bit of your screen grabbing. There is an in built video editor which will let you crop out unwanted parts from the video, it will also let you negate the annoying background noise, and you will also be able to add picturesque transits to your video.

There is also an option for you to set screen recording parameters. You can adjust the frame rates at up to 60 fps, you can also select the part that you want to record like the whole of the screen or only half of it, and you also get the benefits of capturing keyboard and mouse actions. The software also lets you record from any source be it headphones, speakers or microphones.

You get the ease of managing the recording process with hot keys; there is an option for you to set a timer for your recording process as well.

Lastly, saving your video in the format that you want has been a distant dream, but it is not the case with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio, it gives you the convenience of saving the video in over 100s of formats. You can also burn to videos to DVD and share on popular social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Technical Specifications

The following are the specs that you will need for this software to run:

  1. Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (up to date)
  2. Intel or AMD processors, 1 GHz
  3. Display resolution of over 1024*768
  4. A minimum of 256 MB RAM for Windows XP/ 512 MB RAM for Windows Vista and 1 GB RAM for Windows 7/8
  5. Minimum of 250 MB free storage on your HDD.

Exclusive Feature of Capturing HD Screenshots

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio will give you the exclusive feature of capturing HD screenshots. This screen grabber will make sure that even your screenshots come out amazingly well. You will be able to add life to your videos as well as pictures with this software.