Renovating the bathroom updates the style of your house, adds value to the structure and makes your home better suited to the current needs. Renovations always bring in the opportunity to bring in the improvements which can serve the whole family for many years. If you are planning to go for bathroom renovations this year, you must consider the essential alterations which introduce better functionality and comfort.

Light, Drainage and Storage – The key elements that define functionality

A tiny change in the drainage system of your bathroom makes a big difference for your family. We are referring to increasing size of the drainage pipe. This invisible improvement dramatically reduces the chances of clogged drains for a big family using the same shower/bath. Bathroom renovations present a window of opportunity for you to introduce a large window in your bathroom for natural ventilation and light to flow in. This will prevent any mold or mildew from developing in the humid environment of the bathroom. Sunlight if introduced in the shower area does wonders for the bathroom. Apart from the moisture and the mold it removes all the bad odors by keeping the bathroom naturally sanitized.

Whether you have a large family or a small family, storage is something that you can always run out of. Introducing storage in the bathroom can be a tricky affair owing to the small dimensions of the space. Using your walls to fit recessed shelves is one great method to increase the storage area in the bathroom with minimal loss of space. Recessed storage can also be used to enhance the look of the bathroom by fitting a mirror or some artwork over it.

Toilet, Tub and Fittings – The key elements that shape your bathroom

One feature if added to the bathroom introduces a newness and safety for all the family members. You can add a small but textured tile flooring which will prevent your feet from slipping and enhance the design quotient of your shower space as well. For maximum visual impact, you can choose a mix of colors and patterns or introduce harmonizing looks with understated designs. Light fittings are another element that define the bathroom of your house. A bathroom always needs more lights not less to prevent it from looking gloomy specially if the walls are dark in color or the tiles have dark patterns. Having said that, for long baths, you need a relaxing environment that necessitates the use of a dimmer.

Having light fittings around the mirror will give better clarity during make-up or shave. Coming to the bath tub, it no longer is a necessity for many families. A lot of them are opting to skip this seemingly important piece of sanitary ware as long baths are a fading trend. Removing the tub from your bathroom will introduce a lot of space in your bathroom that can be better utilized for storage or creating a second shower which is in vogue nowadays. One last crucial alteration that you can introduce in your bathroom renovations this year is hiding the water tank of the toilet. Remodeling a smaller bathroom or wanting to increase the spaciousness of your bathroom warrants this important change. For a modern or contemporary theme, low-flow and hidden tank toilets are a must for enhancing the usability and form.

Whether you have a modern design or a country design in mind we are here to help you decide and implement all those changes at the most optimum costs. With our expertise and ideas, families can enjoy a better and beautiful house that transforms their living experience completely.