Taking care of your teeth is necessary for your oral health problems. When you do not treat dental problems, they may quickly turn into severe health issues that can affect your body. Many dental problems can be avoided and solved with proper care and treatment. Whatever you choose for your oral health, there is something that can help you improve your teeth and regain the sweet smile on your face.


You should brush your teeth when you get up in the morning and before going to bed with fluoride toothpaste. This ensures your teeth will be in a good condition and won’t get damaged easily. Let’s discuss few things you should know about oral health.

The kind of toothbrush to use

When it is about choosing the right toothbrush, you must know your exact requirement. Adults use either small or mid-sized toothbrush that has soft or round bristles while there are brushes particularly made for children and elderly people. Your emergency dentist near battersea knows the right kind of toothbrush you require and will help you take the right decision.

The toothpaste best suited for your need

It can be quite confusing to select the right kind of toothpaste depending on your requirement. The most important thing to consider is that your toothpaste should have the right amount of fluoride. However, you may have other needs due to gum disease, tooth sensitivity or your age. Talk to your dentist in battersea immediately as he will be able to suggest what is best for your need.

The affect of diet on your oral health

Your food and drink may have a huge impact on your overall health. If you take high amount of sugar and acidic food, then it may damage your teeth leading to various problems. Try to take high sugar dosage food and drinks only during mealtimes to prevent your mouth from further risk. Every time you intake sugar, it requires almost an hour for your teeth to recover from acid attack. It is advisable that you take a diet that has high amount of vitamins, minerals, fresh vegetables and fruits in order to prevent gum disease and keep the teeth in good condition.

How often you should clean between your teeth

You need to clean between your teeth at least once in a day. When you brush your teeth, it will clean only two thirds of tooth surface. As such, you will have to take extra effort to be sure that you are actually reaching out all the teeth. By cleaning between the teeth, it will help remove small bits of food from the areas where your toothbrush cannot actually reach.

You may use dental floss or ‘interdental’ brush to clean between your teeth. You can also use dental tape that is thicker than floss and many people prefer using it for cleaning between the teeth. Consult your dentist associated with Glow Dental  Practice in Battersea who will show you interdental cleaning methods and products to ensure that you are doing it in the most effective way.

The need to use mouthwash

There are various advantages of using mouthwash to oral health. Some may contain anti-bacterial ingredients that can help prevent gum disease while the others consist of n fluoride, which can help stop tooth decay. It is advisable that you don’t use mouthwash immediately after brushing your teeth since this may wash away the fluoride from brushing.

Thus, anytime you need to ask any question related to teeth damage or decay, visit your dentist and seek his advice to solve your dental problems.

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