Important Features Of Modern Business Web Pages

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In the modern digital age, the Internet is the primary platform to promote and expand a business. Your business website is the identity of your brand and keeping up with the rapidly evolving design trends is the need of the hour. The days of text-heavy pages are long gone and the years of oversized graphics are behind us. The internet users of this generation want something sleek and simplistic. They prefer a website that offers all the information that they need in a matter of a few seconds, without them having to scan through the entire content. Here are some of the important features of modern business web pages that you must keep in mind while designing or upgrading your business website.

Clean Design And User Interface

A navigation menu is one of the most important elements of a modern web page. It should clearly list down all the sections of the website, which should be given appropriate titles. This will allow the users to easily switch between pages and they can quickly jump to the content that they are looking for. You should also choose a clean or minimalistic theme for your webpage. Something that looks professional and does not mask the important features of your page with a heavy design. Choose a design that is in line with the services that you provide to your customers so that the core idea behind your business can be easily reflected.

Mobile Optimized Pages

It is a known fact that more and more Internet users are migrating to mobile devices, which means that your website needs to be compatible with different screen sizes and resolutions. Mobile users also prefer websites that load quickly, because their devices usually run on a slower Internet connection. Creating a mobile-optimized version of your website is an excellent idea if a significant percentage of your target audience uses smartphones and tablets. Go for compressed and responsive images that load faster and adapt to the display settings of the device. You can also use coding standards such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to create a lightweight version exclusive for mobile devices.

Speed And Performance

Improving the speed and performance of your website will help in reducing the bounce rate. Bandwidth capping is a major restriction that can temporarily slow down your site in case of a sudden spike in traffic. Take such fluctuations and the traffic statistics for your website into consideration when selecting a bandwidth limit. Space or storage limitation is yet another factor that can prevent you from uploading more than a certain number of videos and high-resolution images. Try and offload some of the bandwidth burdens to platforms such as YouTube, by hosting your videos there instead. Research reveals that up to 40 percent of the users click away if a website fails to load within 3 seconds, make sure that your web page passes this benchmark test.

Contact Page With Social Media Channels

You must focus on making your business web page as interactive as possible. Display your contact details at all appropriate locations, and also maintain a dedicated “About Us” page that contains all your contact information as well as the social media handles for your business. This will allow the customers to communicate their suggestions and requests to you and will also encourage them to share your page on social media. Providing floating share buttons can also play a huge role in expanding the reach of your business. Ensure that your customers feel that your team is easily accessible and responds to feedback.

These essential elements of a modern business web page will allow your website to become one of the top-ranking ones in its domain. Focus on creating a clutter-free web page that is easy to navigate and you will definitely accomplish all your SEO goals.

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